Top 14 Foods and Herbs That Naturally Kill Intestinal Parasites

It’s not entirely unrealistic to assume that you have parasites. Despite what many people think, they come in many shapes and sizes and are a health concern beyond the borders of impoverished countries with poor health care. Recent research by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) presented shocking estimates of how prevalent parasitic organisms are in the U.S.

Parasites are often microscopic and are most commonly spread through water and food. The CDC report states that there are several million Americans living with parasitic infections. Of those Americans, an excess of 300,000 have the trypanosoma cruzi, the host that causes chagas disease, resulting in lifetime heart and brain complications. U.S. hospitals see about 1,000 cases of the taenia solium tapeworm every year. Toxoplasma gondii, otherwise known as the “cat poop parasite” infects about 60 million U.S. citizens in a single year.

Natural Remedies for Internal Parasites

The sheer numbers of these parasites are unsettling enough without considering their harm. Parasitic infections can be a lifetime struggle, leading to blindness, heart failure, seizures, and in some cases death.

Not everyone has to worry, as mother nature can provide us with peace of mind with natural and effective remedies to fight these parasites. Including some of these foods in your diet could make your body a less attractive host to the numerous parasites in existence. As for the herbs, use them under the care of a health professional.

1. Garlic – Perhaps the most versatile food item on this list, garlic is also a potent herb for medicinal benefits. It is especially useful for flushing out parasites such as giardia and roundworms. Read more about garlic in my article 37 healthy uses of garlic.

2. Onion – Contains sulfur compounds that are anti-parasitic. Onion juice is very effective for intestinal worms, especially tapeworm and thread worms. Drink 2 tsp. of onion juice twice a day for 2 weeks.

3. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Coconuts are a food packed with nutritional benefits thanks to their natural saturated fats. It’s the same fats that gives extra virgin coconut oil the ability to flush out internal parasites. It detoxifies your system and can prevent the development of flukes and giardia. Many people mix the oil into smoothies or other beverages, but it can be used in many different recipes. Read more about the many health benefits of coconut oil here.

4. Pumpkin Seeds – Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds have a natural anthelmintic effect on the digestive system, meaning they can cure intestinal parasites. It doesn’t kill the worms outright, but it does help your body flush them out. The parasites are paralyzed by the compounds in the seeds and cannot cling to avoid being flushed out through digestion. This is one of the easiest ways to take your parasite medicines, and it’s actually quite easy to roast your own from scratch in an oven.

5. Papaya seeds – According to Maryland Medical Center and Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical medicine, papaya seeds are great for getting rid of intestinal parasites. A recent study showed that people who were taking honey together with papaya seeds, cleared their stool of parasites in 23 out of 30 cases. The seeds have a distinct, slightly peppery flavor. They can be eaten as they are, or you can sprinkle them over salads and other dishes, just as you would use pumpkin seeds. Those who are not afraid of the spicy flavor, can try them in a smoothie.

6. Pineapple – This delicious fruit contains the digestive enzyme bromelain that helps to clear certain parasitic infections, such as tapeworms..

7. Almonds – According to a study published in “The Journal of Ethnopharmacology”, almonds have anti-parasitic effect that help to sooth intestinal irritation and discourage intestinal parasite growth. This effect may be related to the high concentration of fatty acids in almonds.

8. Wormwood – Wormwood is a common decorative plant that is widely known as an ingredient in absinthe. It also has many different types of health uses [3]. Apart from its ability to aid with digestion, gallbladder problems, low sex drive and loss of appetite, wormwood is a notable fighter of roundworms, pinworms, and other worm-type parasites. It’s commonly ingested in tea form or as a tincture, but most recommend against ingesting the essential oil form.

9. Aloe – This herb is a well-known medical staple for all sorts of symptoms, ranging from burns to frostbite. It can also be used for its purgative effects to help flush out stubborn parasites. It can be found in many different forms, the most popular being juice, gel, powders and tablets. Pregnant women and young children should exercise caution and consult a physician before ingesting aloe.

10. Epazote – This herb is native to Central and South America, and is useful in both the kitchen and medicine. It was originally used by indigenous tribes and is believed to help prevent flatulence and eliminate parasites such as tapeworms and hookworms. The leaf of the plant should be ground and soaked in tea for ingestion. Don’t use the seeds as they contain significant amounts of the toxic essential oil.

11. Male Fern – Consumers should be cautious when taking this plant because of the potential toxicity, but in the right quantities it can be one of the most effective parasite cures in the herb world. Most health experts recommend that you consult a physician before using male fern for parasites such as tapeworms, because it can be potentially be deadly if misused.

12. Pomegranate – We aren’t talking directly about the fruit here, though the rind of it can also be used for medicinal purposes The bark of the pomegranate tree is often used for digestive medical conditions such as diarrhea and dysentery. It’s ability to flush out intestinal parasites with astringent qualities adds to the already extensive list of health applications that come from the plant. As with many of the herbs listed, you should consult a medical expert and dose yourself carefully to avoid vomiting. According to Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, also the pomegranate juice can be used for anti-parasitic effect, but you will need quite a large amount of up to four glasses of pomegranate juice daily for four or five days at a time.

13. Oil of Oregano – This oil is an effective and convenient way to get your dose of parasite cure. Simply put a few drops in a glass of water and take the mixture up to three times in a single day. Many people combine oil of oregano with lemon juice to add vitamins and taste.

14. Black Walnut Tincture – There has been plenty of documentation on black walnut’s ability to flush and kill parasites [7]. The laxative effect of the herb helps cleanse the body of parasites while other compounds in the herb are believed to kill of the parasites by enriching the blood with oxygen. It’s recommended that users avoid black walnut heartwood, and those who are pregnant or sick should avoid it altogether. As it is a potent remedy, you should used it under the care of a holistic health professional.