Skin icing is a modern beauty hit these days and is used for improving the skin. It is widely used by beauty experts in spas and skin care treatments because of the benefits it has to offer.

Benefits of icing:
  • Refreshes the skin on the face
  • Prevents the creation of wrinkles
  • Fights against acne and blemishes
  • Improves circulation which is vital for healthy and shiny skin

Skin ice benefits

The benefits of morning and evening treatment:

1. Smoother skin

Extra sebum and debris widen the skin pores. Skin icing is able to tighten and diminish the widen pores by unblocking the pores that look bigger due to the extra sebum. This treatment softens the skin and provides it with fresher and healthier look.

2. Pore Primer

If you ice your face before applying some make up, it will decrease your pores and the base will look soft and impeccable.

3. Improves Circulation

When the ice is applied it boosts the blood flow by contracting the blood vessels and less blood will get to the skin surface. This is very helpful for inflammation and inflating.

4. Great for Puffy Eyes

As mentioned above the skin icing reduces swellings, which means the bugs under your eyes will be greatly diminished.

5. Wrinkle Buster

Icing decreases the appearing of wrinkles by reducing the creation of new wrinkles.

 6. Control Blemishes

Skin icing is able to ease irritation, diminish inflating and redness, which makes it perfect remedy for pimples.

Once a pimple appears on your face place the ice on the skin and it will reduce the inflammation. Hold it on the acne for few minutes. This will be of great help in decreasing the size and number of acne on your face. Iterate this method every evening.


  • Cleanse your face well
  • Envelop one ice cube in gauze or some piece of cloth.
  • Once the ice starts to melt it is ready for applying
  • Hold it on different parts of the face for couple of minutes
  • Make circular motions. Move it over your chin and jaw line, your cheeks, forehead and nose. The area beneath your nose should be treated with a special care.
  • Use toner or moisturizer as the last part of the procedure


  • Use gloves if you don’t intend to envelop the ice with gauze because you can’t hold it with bare hands long enough.
  • If you are not able to use ice directly on the skin, you can achieve the same effect by holding the ice with a soft cloth.
  • If you intend to use the ice without envelop, don’t place it straight from the freezer because it can break the capillaries beneath the skin
  • You should elude using ice if you already have broken capillaries, and if you still intend to use it, don’t use it for too long
  • 15 minutes will be enough for the icing
  • If you wish to have better results you can add lemon, green tea, chamomile, cucumber, rose water or any herb by your choice.