Xanax and other Benzodiazepines Can Cause Dementia and even Death. Treat anxiety naturally with Just One Herb

Using benzodiazepines for longer period’s results with increased mental and physical health problems. Benzodiazepines have hypnotic and sedative properties. A study made in 2009 found that long-term use of this kind of drugs leads to increased risk of dementia.

This research was made on group of adults over 65 years old, participants who used benzodiazepines had increased risk of dementia for 50% more, than participants who didn’t  consume these drugs. St. John’s wort is very good alternative to these harmful drugs. According to a study made by St. James University Hospital in Leeds (England), this is the best herbal supplement that is very effective against depression and anxiety.

St. John’s wort has been used for thousands of years and it’s the best alternative for any conventional anxiety drug on the market. This plant was named St. John’s wort, because it was found around June 24, which is the day when John the Baptist was born. A lot of healing properties are associated to this plant. Its anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect stimulate the heart contractions, and restores the nervous tissue.

st. johns wort

Tearing a leaf from the plant with your hand, you will notice reddish color. This relates to one of the main substances in St. John’s wort, hypericin. This ingredient is containted into the black dots of the plant, and it’s used for treatment of various diseases of the nervous system, and depression. The best thing about St.John’s wort is that there are no side effects from using it. It is also used as hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, and tonic remedy.


  • It is used to fight gastritis, diarrhea, bile passage diseases, liver disease, heart failure, urinary tract issues, and kidneys diseases.
  • Relieves insomnia and headaches
  • The bioflavonoids in this plant treat swollen veins.
  • Its extracts reduce swelling, inflammation, and it has pain killing effect.
  • Treats burns, wounds, and mastitis

St. John’s wort can be applied in form of tinctures, extracts, and herbal tea. In cosmetology, this plant is used to moisturize, nourish, and purify oily skin.

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