How One Woman Cured Her Skin Cancer At Home – Using Coconut Oil And Baking Soda

Most people would be skeptical to hear that simple kitchen cupboard ingredients have been used to clear up skin carcinomas. Here is an astonishing account of how one woman managed just that.

Kyneret Azizo is a respected writer and advocate of natural remedies. She has written an account of how she put her knowledge of natural medicine into practice following her mother’s diagnosis with basal cell carcinoma on the crown of her head. This is the less aggressive form of skin cancer, usually classed as non-life threatening as opposed to the more serious malignant melanoma.

Following initial surgery to remove the cancerous lesion Azizo and her mother were concerned when, within a matter of weeks, the lesion reappeared, growing more rapidly than before. The surgeons said they could remove it again but they could offer neither a cure for the basal cell carcinoma nor a guarantee that it would not keep re-occurring.

Azizo then decided to be pro-active and take matters into her own hands utilizing her knowledge and resources to find natural ways to try and treat this cancer. She read extensive accounts of people using baking soda and water to treat this specific cancer as this forms an alkaline environment, which is widely acknowledged as inhibiting cancer cells which only thrive in acidic conditions. Her mother was slightly more reluctant to try non conventional treatments and went on to have two further surgical procedures, but each time the cancer returned quickly. Finally she agreed to try her daughter’s suggestions.

Azizo says:

I did a modification on my own, using coconut oil instead of water, because raw organic coconut oil is really efficient in the regeneration of skin cells. I mixed equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil (a teaspoon of each) in a small glass. I was stirring until the mixture became a malleable paste. I applied it on the affected area.

Astonishingly within days the effects became apparent (see photos below).

Here is the paste that Azizo devised:

– Raw organic coconut oil
–  baking soda
– A shot glass, to effectively mix the paste
– Small stirrer e.g. the narrow handle of a small metal spoon.
– Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics, or any other antibiotic ointment to apply at night

Stir equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil in the shot glass. Mix well until you get a malleable paste that is easy to apply. You can also warm the mixture up, so the coconut oil can melt faster – fill a bowl with some hot water and keep the shot glass in it for a while (although in some climates the coconut oil is already melted at room temp).

She says:

“Use the handle you stirred with and apply the paste to the affected skin. DO NOT RUB IT IN. Just slather the area with the mixture and leave it as long as possible. You can also apply a shower cap to keep the mixture in place.

During the first week you can do 3 applications, then 2 during the second, but make sure the place is properly cleaned before each application.
The roots of the basal cell actually go deeper in the skin that it appears. It is not just on the surface, so it is important to apply the paste long enough, even after the wound is completely closed.”

On the first day of treatment the paste was applied twice and the scab fell away during the night exposing the basal cell which was described as a fleshy bulb of skin that could easily bleed under minimal pressure. Following five days of treatment this basal cell had begun shrinking. Flaky skin appeared around the old scabbed area but coconut oil, renowned for its’ powerful skin healing and moisturizing properties, cleared up the dry and dead skin cells. After day six the basal cell was no longer visible and all bleeding had ceased. Although the area was still tender it continued to improve, the antibiotic cream was applied at night to aid healing and prevent infection.

At the end of the initial 2 weeks of treatment the open wound was much smaller and they continued using the paste and cream. A week later the wound closed completely. They continued to to apply the baking soda and coconut oil daily, along with apple cider vinegar soaked cotton pads placed over the area to reach the basal cell root. The photo taken on day 38 is remarkable.



How One Woman Cured Her Skin Cancer At Home – Using Coconut Oil And Baking SodaThis natural remedy has obviously worked on the surface level with the alkaline solution causing it to shrink and disappear, however basal cells have roots beneath the surface. Azizo’s mother is currently waiting for a biopsy to see if this has been cleared also. In the meantime they are continuing with this topical treatment in addition to adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, which aids the elimination of toxins from the body. They continue with a positive mindset, and are using additional healing practices including reiki, acupuncture and yoga/meditation, as Azizo is also a qualified yoga instructor.

Azizo now says:

I would most certainly not go against any mainstream medicine, but I think that medical industry actually made us believe we have no power over our health, and that the solution is far beyond our reach, outlining that only money can buy health. And you would sure agree that this is absolutely false.

During the whole treatment my family witnessed how effective alternative treatments can be. It is also affordable, safe and there are no side-effects. I do not have to mention that for my family mainstream medicine is no longer number one.

I really hope that people who go through a similar struggle would finally understand that they actually have the power in their hands. You can heal yourself! No one will tell you the truth that simple and cheap methods can really help you – especially the medical industry. You must do your own research and take the power in your hands.

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