How Taking A Shot Of Whiskey A Day Can Be Extremely Beneficial

Can you imagine a time without alcohol? The U.S. beverage alcohol industry is a major contributor to the economy, responsible for over $400 billion in total U.S. economic activity in 2010, generating nearly $90 billion in wages and over 3.9 million jobs for U.S. workers.

The majority of alcohol sold today is unhealthy and the majority of people who drink it do so the wrong way. Now, research suggests there can be positive outcomes to moderate consumption.

The first note of wine we have in history was around 4,000 BC, when it appeared in Egyptian pictographs. Wine residue has also been found in ancient Greek ceramics from around the same period.


But alcohol was not always consumed for the reasons it is today. Believe it or not, it was actually a medicinal ingredient when first produced.

In distant British history, a swish of wine was recommended by medical professionals to “defend the body from corruption,” as mentioned in a BBC article.

But while such a prescription might be a bit laughable today – I’m sure you wouldn’t find it on WebMD – alcohol still does, in fact, have some legitimate health benefits when used wisely.


For one, alcohol is a great preservative. It was used for years as a main ingredient in absinthe, which was used to treat roundworms and several other intestinal parasites for years  due to its ability to extract active ingredientsfrom various medicinal plants.

Secondly, as I’m sure will come as no surprise, alcohol is a great antiseptic that has been used for centuries to disinfect wounds that would likely be life-threatening otherwise.

Alcohol and herbs are best friends of anyone looking for natural medicinal solutions to improve health and well-being. Alcohol can act a catalyst, which is a beautiful thing when not feeling well.

So yeah, you could say that alcohol has historically been quite a useful medical substance.

But what other ways can a drink a day help you, even if you haven’t got roundworms or an open wound?

Well, for one, alcohol in moderation can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, as Harvard researchers found. It does this by raising the amount of good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) in your body that is associated with a stronger heart.


Reuters also reported, as was found in a study by the Catholic University of Campobasso, that less than four drinks for men per day, or two for women, can reduce the risk of death by 18 per cent. You’ll preferably want to consume the alcohol with meals in this instance.

And hey, how’s your sex life looking? Having a bit of trouble with erectile dysfunction? Contrary to popular belief, moderate drinking has actually been found to prevent erectile dysfunction in a way similar to the way it does heart disease.

It can also reduce your chances of developing dementia, as was reported by Science Daily using information from a series of studies dating as far back as 1977.

Need we go on?

Now, of course, going out and getting hammered with your buddies isn’t the way to unlock these health benefits. The key here is to balance the undeniable risks and the benefits, the same way you would any other form of medicine. And as always, check the ingredients!

It’s also important that you abstain from the use of drugs while using alcohol, as we’ve covered in the past.

So be wise, my friends, and enjoy the many health benefits of alcohol!


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