These are the INCREDIBLE things that happen to your body when you start eating ginger every day

Ginger has been long-known to be one of the most beneficial spices for a variety of reasons. Aside from adding flavour to your meals, it contains a lot of useful nutrients which can provide you with many health benefits.

Ginger can be consumed in many different ways, including being used as seasoning or even in tea. It’s health benefits cover a very wide range, from helping you lose weight to improving your circulation. Here are some of the most helpful benefits that ginger has to offer.

These are the INCREDIBLE things that happen to your body when you start eating ginger every day

Fat Burning

A study conducted by the European Review for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences came to the conclusion that ginger is just as effective of a fat-burner as commercially available ones, such as Orlistat.

It was also found to not induce the same negative side effects as these commercial fat burners, and also helps retain “good” cholesterol, making it an efficient and safe natural fat burner.


Ginger is an effective anti-inflammatory and can help ease the symptoms of a variety of conditions, including arthritis. One study showed that taking a specific ginger extract (Zintona EC) four times a day reduced arthritic pain in the knees of the study participants. Further research has shown that taking different types of ginger extracts can help target specific types of arthritic pain.


Ginger is commonly used to help treat nausea in people undergoing surgery. Clinical research shows that taking 1 gram of ginger before surgery reduced nausea and vomiting for the first 24-hours after surgery. One study found that ginger reduced vomiting by 38%. Applying ginger oil topically to the wrist of patients was found to prevent nausea in 80% of patients.

It has also been found to help reduce dizziness and nausea caused by motion sickness.

Menstrual Pain

Some research has shown that ginger can reduce menstrual pain in women who take it during menstruation. One study showed that taking Zintoma, Goldaru (a ginger extract) 4 times a day for 3 days at the beginning of the menstrual cycle reduced pain symptoms in 62% of people.


Ginger has been shown throughout a variety of studies to have anti-carcinogenic properties. This is due to the anti-oxidative effects that the ingredients found in ginger have. Ingredients such as gingerols, shogaol and paradols have all been shown to help prevent cancer.


According to the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, ginger is an effective treatment for patients with type-2 diabetes. Studies showed that ginger supplementation significantly reduced levels of fasting blood sugar and unhealthy forms of cholesterol. It is concluded that ginger is an effective remedy for diabetic patients to diminish the risk of secondary chronic complications caused by diabetes.

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