Watch Turmeric Reprogram And Destroy Cancer Cells (Video)

It’s estimated that all 10-13 trillion of our body’s cells get turned over every 100 days.  Since air, water and food are the only things that enter our bodies, we literally are what we eat, drink and breathe! This means that not only do we need to make new cells every 3 months but… there are old cells that need to die off and get removed from our systems.

To make sure this process happens on cue, our cells are programmed to die.  Some rogue cells however, like cancer cells, overstay their welcome by resisting this pre-programmed cell death (referred to as “apoptosis”).

Research has discovered that turmeric, more specifically curcumin, the yellow pigment in turmeric, uses a number of diverse mechanisms to convince cancer cells to switch back on the self-destruct mechanism within cancer cells. But, in general, turmeric essentially reprograms cancer cells to kill themselves as they were originally programmed to do!

Since turmeric employs so many different ways of killing cancer cells, researchers postulate that cancer cells might not develop resistance to turmeric (the way they do against certain chemotherapies), and it’s the reason why it’s so effective against so many different kinds of cancer. Turmeric’s affordability, accessibility and ease of administration however, make it an unattractive candidate for pharmaceutical company cancer therapies…

Check out the video below which details some of turmeric’s unique ways of re-programming cancer cells to kill themselves. It’s pretty incredible.