This popular Moisturizer Applied to Mice for 17 Weeks Resulted in 69% More Tumors

Did you know that applying some moisturizers to your skin could cause cancer? It seems just about everything causes it nowadays, but these moisturizers really can harm you!


Moisturizing Creams with Mineral Oil Can Be Tumorgenic

According to the study, as reported by Green Med the treatment of the mice with Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin, or Vanicream for 17 weeks increased the total number of characterized tumors by 69 percent.

Further information reported by Green Med:

“The results indicate that several commercially available moisturizing creams increase the rate of formation and number of tumors when applied topically to UVB-pretreated high-risk mice. Further studies are needed to determine the effects of topical applications of moisturizing creams … in humans.”

This also applies to tanning oils, creams, and lotions due to many of them containing mineral oil. Which as safe as it may sound in actuality it’s not.

Mineral oil is actually a derivative of petroleum, the same stuff you put in your car’s engine. Many products use mineral oil as the main ingredient, as it allows the lotion to be spread easily across your skin.

But the fact is that it’s a known carcinogen, also comedogenic which means it blocks your pores and your skin’s natural respiration process. This eventually lead to blackheads and pimples.

The mineral oil may also block the absorption of any beneficial ingredients that might exist in the product because of the impenetrable film it can leave on your skin.

Watch out for products that contain Mineral oil

Just because you don’t see it on the label, it doesn’t mean it’s not in there. Mineral oil has countless different names, but each has the same effect.

Alternate names include:


Alternate Names


Remember, you can absorb more toxins from skin care products than food.

Most items you rub on your skin will end up in your bloodstream, and will be distributed throughout your body. Your skin is your largest organ — and also the thinnest. Less than 1/10th of an inch separates your body from potential toxins.“don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t eat if you had to.”

Safer Alternatives

Mineral oil is just one among thousands of harmful chemicals lurking in personal care products.

Two great all-natural moisturizers:
Pure emu oil
pure coconut oil
Coconut oil has been used to moisturize skin for ages and is also a potent source of the beneficial fat lauric acid.
You can also find many organic skin oils and lotions. Be sure to read labels and check products out before buying them to make sure you’re not being tricked into buying ones that contain harmful chemicals and ingredients.
Here are a few other things to keep in mind:
– Look for products that are made by companies that are earth-friendly, animal-friendly and green.
– Buy products that come in glass bottles rather than plastic, since chemicals can leach out of plastics and into the contents. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a serious concern; make sure any plastic container is BPA free.
– Pay attention to the order in which the ingredients are listed. Manufacturers are required to list ingredients in descending order by volume, meaning the first few ingredients are the most prominent. If calendula extract is the last ingredient in a long list, your calendula body wash isn’t very natural.
– Look for products that are fragrance-free. One artificial fragrance can contain hundreds even thousands of chemicals, and fragrances are a major cause of allergic reactions.
So practice these tips and you should be okay. And also remember, if you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t want to put it on your body.