They Live to 120 Years, Give Birth at 65 and They Do Not Have Tumors! This is How!

Energetic and strong members of the Hunza people are smiling all the time. Hunza members have youthful appearance and that is why many people are stunned by their age. Apricot is consumed a lot by this interesting people. They look like as they are not from this planet, but they are. Mountains in northern Pakistan are their homes, there are around 87,000 inhabitants, and are so unusual because their average life expectancy is around hundred years. Many of them spend their life without any kind of problems.  It is well-known fact that some of them lived for 160 years. They hardly ever get ill, tumors are something they are not familiar with, they have a very youthful appearance, and Hunza women have babies even when they turn 65.

Looking these people you must recognize that diet and lifestyle affect humans. Hunza take bathe in ice-cold water, even if outside the temperature is below zero. They consume food only that is only grown by them. They consumea lot of dried apricots, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts;legumes, a variety of cereals (millet,barley and buckwheat), and less cheese,eggs and milk.

Hunza people eat little but walk a lot.

They only have breakfast and lunch without snacks and dinner. 15 to 20 kilometers daily is their usual walking routine. Meat is seldom consumed, maybe twice a year and lamb or chicken is the only meat they eat. Laughing a lot is part of their daily routine.

Between two and four months they do not consume anything, only dried apricot juice. Since ancient time they practice and respect this tradition and they drink this juice when the fruit is not ripe. Doctors admit that their diet and starvation period promote their good health and long life.

Large amounts of apricot are thought to be their main protection against tumors. From apricot seeds they make oil because they contain large amounts of vitamin B-17 which is known to have anticancer properties. Only small doses of this oil are used because otherwise can be life-threatening.The more apricot trees one family has the more prestigious it is. Unfortunately, because the unhealthy industrial food has found a way to enter their life, caries and digestive problems have appeared among them, which was not the case before.

This vital and strong people think that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great and his army. Some of them who lived during the conquest stayed in their villages and had families. In 1984 a story was published about Said Abdul Mobudu from Hunza people who came to the London airport and the officers were very confused when they saw his passport where the year 1832 was written as the year of his birth.