Studies Show Living Near The Sea Improves Your Mental Health

There’s a very important reason why we enjoy taking walks near the ocean. It’s not just a romantic getaway or a fun time at the beach that makes it so exciting. New research published in this month’s issue of Health & Place,  conducted a study that connected positive mental health with having a view of nature.


This might be obvious to some, but living in natural spaces is how we are supposed to exist on this planet. When we are coexisting with nature, living in homes that don’t disturb the natural way of being and being able to actually live in harmony with the planet, then we can transform the mess of this planet. It doesn’t really make sense to pave cement all over the lush flora of the earth.

Researchers from the university of Canterbury in New Zealand and Michigan State University both looked at the difference between blue and green spaces. Blue spaces are areas that have large bodies of water, places like beaches. Green spaces are areas like parks or forests.

This information was gathered to assess anxiety and mood disorders. They took into account factors like age and gender to eventually find a correlation between people who had a view of nature and positive mental health. The study is interesting, because the blue spaces did much better then green because many of our green spaces are in cities and have concrete structures entangled within them. The green space does not have the same effect on your brain when it is full of man made structures.

To be completely surrounded in a forest or by the sea with out any man-made objects has a drastically positive effect on our mental wellbeing. We are not designed to sit in a computer chair for hours at a time in concrete buildings, we are built to move and live and close knit communities that are all connected.
woman-at-the-ocean-beach_zyKhskDd-211x300This information from the study can help give us better insight on designing cities and incorporating nature into our man-made world. Fundamentally, we need to change the design of society to completely shift how we interact with the world and each other.

We should be able to exist in harmony with the planet and live sustainably without destroying it. It seems quite simple but this system has things like the oil, gas and large industries as a priority.

If you are able, go out and explore the beautiful world of nature. Stop by a park if you live in the city, go buy some plants to put around your house, and bring nature into your life. They purify the air and make you feel good to be in the space you’re in.


Original article and credits: TheSpiritScience