Strict Parenting Leads to More Successful Children


Were you raised with a strict parenting style? Did your mother ordered you to do your homework, clean your room, and focus on your future every single day?

Well, back then you might though your life is a living hell, having to listen to your mother nagging all the time. But, latest research shows that strict mothers who tried to stay on top of their children have more successful children.

The odds are you’ll probably end up thanking you mother for the strict way she raised you.

Study on Strict Parenting

A study conducted by the professor from the University of Essex Erica Rascon discovered that successful children/people have strict, highly demanding mothers. The study involved around 15,000 children at the age between 13 and 14, from 2004 to 2010.

The results showed that those whose mothers had high expectations were much more secure and confident. Moreover, having a nagging mother reduced the odds of getting pregnant prematurely by four percent.

Also, those who had highly demanding mothers had more chances of finishing a college and getting a good job. Even though this might sound unrealistic, the facts show that strict and persistent mothers have more successful children.

In most cases, children have success doing what their parents think it’s most convenient for them. Although they might try to avoid their parents, the truth is their recommendations will still influence their decisions.

While growing, many children see their strict parents, in most cases mothers, as their enemies. However, you have to put up with it since the strict parenting style will likely help you later in life.

Some of your days as a child might seem as a living hell, but don’t forget that you’ll be thankful for this later in your life.

Being an adult will help you recognize and value all of your mother’s efforts to raise you right. What’s more, you’ll probably try to adopt the same raising style for your children.

What do you think about this study? Was some of your parents strict when you were a child?

Source FHFN | Healthy Life Idea