She Has Cured 20.000 People Suffering From Cancer: Here Is Her Secret!! (VIDEO)

In 1988 the American doctor Hulda Clark came to a significant revelation, which showed the way medicine is going today.

In her life Clark has cured over 20 thousand patients suffering from cancer and other diseases. The essence of her therapy is the fight against parasites.

She claims that the reason for many diseases is only the parasites. She invented many recipes how to save yourself from harmful microorganisms and cure cancer and many more diseases.

Doctor Clark is a well known physiologist, biophysicist and author of many books for alternative medicine. She started her studies in on the Canadian university „Saskatchewan“where she got the degree in medicine, as well as the masters in the field of biology.

She continued her studies on the “McGill University“ and later in the university of Minnesota, where she studied biophysics and cell physiology. In 1958 the University of Minnesota gave her doctors degree in the field of physiology.

In 1979 doctor Clark stopped her researches which were funded by the American government, and started her own research.

In 1988 she discovered the technology of body scanning for the presence of pathogen microorganisms. This invention was called “ Sincrometer” a device that gave fast and correct results in detecting microorganisms and toxic material in the human body as well as the animal body.

Here is a testimony of one patient of doctor Clark:

The main function of the syncrometar is that it works on overlapping frequencies. Everything that surrounds us has its own frequency ( specifically range of frequency). With the help of this device we can discover the presence of parasites, viruses and bacteria in the body.

With the help of this device, doctor Hulda has discovered that the parasites are the main reason for many “incurable” diseases.

Cure for all types of cancer

In 1993 doctor Clark released her book “ Cure for all cancers” where she explained the connection between cancer and the parasite “ Fasciolopsisbuski”.

This parasite was found in every patient suffering from cancer. And when this parasite was eliminated the cancer disappeared quickly. To help her patients doctor Clark developed and introduced the anti-parasite recipe, containing wormwood, a clove and black walnut. This recipe helped more than 100 types of parasites.

This specific combination helped to destroy adult parasites as well as their nests and larvae. With the help of this program doctor Clark cured thousands of people suffering from cancer and other diseases.

She continued her work and introduced new method of treatment called “zapper” – electronic device which uses micro electricity in defeating parasites, viruses and bacteria in the human body.

Even before doctor Clark, many doctors knew that electricity can destroy microorganisms when submitted to a specific frequency. This applies not only to parasites, but to all types of bacteria, viruses, fungus and pathogenic cells.

This has been proven by many experiments where the doctors killed many viruses with the help of the frequency. Even though the frequency had negative effect on microorganisms, it wasn`t harmful for the health of a patient.

This direction in the medicine was called bio-resonant medicine. It was officially accepted in several countries such as Russia.

Here is the video you will be interested to see!!