Wrinkles Around the Eyes? – Try This 2-Ingredient Homemade Remedy!

Wrinkles are the worst. Especially when they show around your eyes. You know how they say, it’s the first sign that you are growing old.

I’m not a supporter of this theory. No one wants to grow old. Do you agree?

I want you to meet something. This remedy is made with argan oil. It’s a highly beneficial oil when it comes to skin care.

If you ask a dermatologist she will tell you the same thing.

What is argan oil?

People know it as an oil that can be consumed. Through the years people used it as an immune booster.

When mixed with the right foods, it can serve you just right and make your metabolism strong and healthy.

It does a great job reducing the bad cholesterol in your blood and with that it improves the blood flow. This amazing oil will settle down your stomach reducing any possible inflammations.

Check out more benefits of the argan oil.

argan oil wrinkles

The mixture: Using this oil as a remedy will make your skin glow and remove the wrinkles. It’s packed with vitamin E and you will be able to see the benefits after a while.


  •      50ml argan oil
  •      5 capsules vitamin E
  •      2 Cotton Swabs


  •      Prepare a mixture by mixing up the argan oil and the vitamin E capsules
  •      Dip the cotton swabs in this remedy and place them over your eye area
  •      Leave them for 10 minutes
  •      Relax while the cotton swabs are on your eyes
  •      Remove the cotton swabs and massage the skin around your eyes with your fingers

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