Remove The Pain in Your Spine, Back And Legs Forever

One of the very common health problem worldwide and a major cause of disability- affecting performance at work and general well-being is said to be Sciatica or Low Back Pain. Sciatica is a pain affecting the back, hip, and leg caused by compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back.

It is said to be caused by too much sitting or by too much physical exertion. There are many commercial pills, pain relievers and medications that is out in the market which can help relieve the pain but have many side effects. However, a lot of people are still opting to take natural remedies that will pose no harm in their kidneys and livers.

Below is a list of natural fruits that can relieve and cure pain in your spine, back and legs. You only need to eat all these dried fruits preferably every night before you go to sleep for a period of two months to be able to see and feel a significant difference.


1 dry fig

1 dry apricot

5 dry prunes


  1. They are rich in Vitamin C, K, boron, potassium and antioxidants.
  2. Boron modulates bone and calcium absorption which plays an important role in preserving the Bone Mineral Density.
  3. They also reduce the C – reactive protein (CRP) level in the body which is a measure of inflammation. Therefore, decreasing and eliminating pain in your spine, back and legs.
  4. There is an increase in the bone density of the spine, hip, and whole-body.
  5. These delicious dried fruits contain soluble fiber which helps to lower blood cholesterol.
  6. Natural laxative- these fruits are high in dihydroxyphenylisatin which stimulates the intenstine to contract, which results in better defecation.
  7. They are loaded with antioxidant property – removing free radicals in your body and aids in fighting diseases.

As an old maxim goes, there is no harm in trying. So before you resort to toxic drugs, why not turn to alternative methods in the form of dried fruits which can relieve and even eliminate pain? Imagine how these simple and affordable ingredients can dramatically change your general well- being in just 2 months.

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