How to remove mercury and other toxic pollutants from your body

Heavy metals, including mercury, lead and aluminum, accumulate in your body overtime and can lead to an onslaught of health problems such as heart disease, neurological conditions and birth defects. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can remove these contaminates from your body. Implement the following tips today to reduce the amount of heavy metals that are killing you from the inside-out.

Step 1. Remove your silver fillings: Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man, so why do we put it in our dental fillings? The removal of dental amalgam fillings should be conducted by a dentist trained in its safe removal. Whenever mercury fillings are removed, they break a part and release tiny particles of mercury. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology follows a strict protocol to prevent rises in mercury that occur whenever mercury fillings are removed by conventional means. Consider calling the IAOMT office for a list of dentists in your area that use this approved method of filling removal.(1)

Step 2: Avoid toothpaste with fluoride: Fluoride is a highly reactive metal that will exacerbate the effects of mercury. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to find a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. Also, brushing your teeth has been shown to increase the release of mercury vapor. Try brushing around mercury fillings or using a mouthwash instead until you can have your fillings removed.(1)

Step 3. Take a magnesium capsule: Mercury combines with malate and critrate to produce innocuous compounds that can be excreted from the body. Furthermore, they remove mercury from the nervous system. Malate and citrate are a corollary of metabolism. By coming magnesium with malate and citrate, you can double your protection, since magnesium protects neurons from becoming overexcited. The Thorne Research company makes a product called magnesium citramate that offers both malate and citrate. Consider taking two capsules twice a day. The magnesium can help prevent heart attacks, strokes and offers brain protection.(1)

Step 4. Eat more garlic: Garlic can help remove toxic mercury from the nervous system. Consider taking garlic extract daily. The recommended dose is 300-600 mg three times a day. Garlic extract is one of the safest way to remove mercury from your body in the long run. If you eat fish containing mercury, try seasoning it with garlic or garlic extract to prevent the absorption of mercury.(1)

Step 5. Eat more fruits and vegetables: More specifically, eat more glutathione; a natural protein founds in fresh fruits and vegetables. Glutathione constantly circulates throughout the body. It helps neutralize free radicals and removes dangerous toxins from the nervous system. You look the best whenever glutathione levels are high and your body is better able to fend off various ailments quickly. There is no mystery about how to add glutathione to your diet. Simply make sure you are daily diet contains enough fruits and vegetables to make glutathione.(2)

Their is no shortage of mercury and other toxic pollutants that can wreak havoc on both your body and mind. By implementing these steps, these toxic forces will be at the mercy of your body and not the other way around. Take control today. You’re body will thank you later.

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