Arthritis and Joint Pain Reversing Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe Passed Down for Generations

Whenever you have pain in your joints it is really difficult to accomplish anything. There are some people who have joint pain after a long day at work. This type of joint pain may go away after a day of rest.

However, some people experience chronic joint pain or may even have arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. There are many different forms of arthritis and it may affect any area of the body from the neck down to your feet.

If you suffer from joint pain you may find that there is very little relief offered from conventional medicines. One of the best ways to relieve joint pain and the symptoms of arthritis is by making a few lifestyle changes including changing your dietary habits.

If you suffer from arthritis and joint pain and find that over the counter medications are not working for you or you simply want a more natural way to cure your aching joints, there is an answer. It comes in the form of apple cider vinegar.

How to use it:

One of the best ways to use apple cider vinegar to relieve your joint pain is to create a soak with it.

  • Mix the apple cider vinegar with six cups of warm water.
  • You can then soak your hands or feet in this bath. If you suffer from neck pain you can soak a rag in the mixture and place it on your neck or other area of the body that may be hurting you.

Another option for topical treatment of your joint pain is to mix apple cider vinegar with olive oil or coconut oil. Use 2 tbs. of apple cider vinegar per one tbs. of oil.

  • Mix it well and then apply the mixture to the joints that are affected.
  • Make sure to rub the mixture in and leave it on in order to gain some relief from the pain.
  • If you do this regularly you will notice a big difference in the amount of pain that you have in your joints.

Apple cider vinegar can also be drunk to help prevent arthritis. Mix between one and three tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces of water or with any type of fruit juice.

Cherry juice is a good choice to mix it with as it will provide you with even more health benefits. Try to drink three times a day, preferably before each meal. You can also apply the water/cider mixture directly to your inflamed joints to help relieve the pain and discomfort.

Apple cider vinegar is a great choice for relieving joint pain, but it has many other uses as well. it is a powerful antioxidant that can help flush the body of toxins. The health benefits of apple cider vinegar are numerous and are something everyone should consider adding to their daily diet.

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