Raw Honey+Coconut Oil & Cinnamon-DIY Cough Drops That Will Save You A Trip To The Doctor’s

It’s that time of the year when we are all cheerful about the holiday season upon us, but unfortunately there is always something that will ruin the moments. This time of the year is also season of the flu.

Sore throat, sniffling and coughing are some of the symptoms of the seasons’ flu. Many of us will immediately reach towards lozenges thinking that’s the best solution. But is it? Lozenges although powerful in fighting the cough are packed with harmful chemicals that can cause some other side effects and won’t cure the real cause of the cough.

Although annoying, a cough has a specific purpose in the body: it clears the large passages from secretions, irritant, microbes and foreign particles.

This natural reflex is very important for our bodies, especially in the increasingly toxic environment we live in, because it protects us against deadly particles in our environment so we won’t become victims to numerous airborne diseases.

This is ok when the cough is temporary and of course not painful, but once it becomes chronic you have to treat it properly.

The treatment of a cough should target the real cause but sometimes the body needs some time to heal, even with the best holistic remedies and an annoying cough can persist.

Some Cough Lozenges Act as a Delivery System for Medications That You May not even Need

You must be aware of the fact that some cough lozenges contain ingredients which chemically reduce congestion and have a direct effect on the heart rate.

Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, dextromethorphan, ephedrine will suppress cough symptoms but at a price. They are known to interact with other medication and have serious side effects.

Natural Alternatives for Soothing all Types of Annoying Coughs

Try this natural cough drops which are not only tasteful but they also contain ingredients which will boost your immune system and speed up the recovery time.


  • Pinch of ceylon cinnamon
  • 100g raw organic honey
  • 100ml of coconut oil


  1. First pour the coconut oil in a bowl and whip it until it becomes nice and frothy;
  2. Then slowly incorporate the honey and continue whipping to form full and thick paste;
  3. Then add the cinnamon (use as much as you like the choice is yours, depending on your personal taste);
  4. When the mixture is ready pour it into empty ice cube trays and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes;
  5. You can store your drops in a glass mason jar in the fridge for up to two months;
  6. You can also use these cough drops daily as a preventative measure.

The Health Benefits of the Ingredients

  • Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is good at killing bad bacteria, fungi and viruses and will help you stay away from other infections in the future.
  • Coconut oil can reduce blood pressure, lower high cholesterol levels and even increase the absorption of mineral into our bones.
  • Raw organic honey has powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties which are excellent for soothing sore throat and coughs and also for fighting colds. According to a recent study, honey is proven more effective in relieving night-time cough in children than the leading ingredient in children’s cough syrup.
  • Furthermore raw honey can cleanse your liver, boost intestinal health and reduce inflammation in the respiratory system helping you to breathe easier when you are suffering from a cold.

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