Raising Awake Children in a Broken School System

Albert Einstein

For many, the idea that the school system is there to actually disempower the common people, rather than empower them, is extremely difficult to believe. They have been so severely conditioned that they cannot accept the possibility that the modern day school system is actually a system that produces obedient, conforming citizens who serve the system rather than intelligent, creative minds that innovate and change the world we live in for the better.



But why is it so hard to comprehend the obvious? Attending compulsory schooling is not optional but state imposed, and every child that attends is groomed to fit into society not change it, and society in its current form is in desperate need of changing and restructuring. The fact that scientists believe we are on track for another extinction event, but one that is self imposed through our ignorance and carelessness as a society, is self evident  of this alone.

To make matters worse, children who today live in an overtly stimulating environment likened almost to that of a type of virtual reality, are branded as having ADD because they do not find the monotony of schooling to be engaging. As a result of this ‘disease’, which some experts believe is made up and not even real, children have drugs to dumb them down shoved down their throats by unwitting parents who either do not have the time (or do not want to make the time) to help their children, or because they have already been conditioned to blindly believe in the authority of doctors which have themselves are usually conditioned to act in the best interest of big pharma, treating symptoms with drugs rather than root causes with logic and authentic concern. The use of ritalin, for example, is exploding which means big pharma is banking.


One of the hardest things to explain to people is that great innovation and creativity is not the result of schooling, it is the result of imagination. Some of the greatest innovators of our time, did either badly in school or didn’t even attend. Thomas Edison, who has more than 2,000 patented inventions, had no formal education but was largely self educated. Henry Ford, the famous inventor of the Ford automobiles, likewise, had no real formal education but also changed the world profoundly. Albert Einstein failed his entrance exam and the list goes on and on, but these people changed the world through the use of their imagination which is where all human creativity comes from NOT a piece of paper from a system which profits from the business that is schooling.

So What Can I do As a Parent?

First and foremost, you have to educate yourself and stand as a strong parent and guide for your child. It is not the government’s job (which is a corrupt and selfish institution serving its own interests) to “educate” your children, it is your job. I am not saying we must take them out of school (although if you have the ability to do homeschooling I highly recommend it) but we do need to be the source of their fundamental principles and outlook on life. We need to give them a good source of inner security and identity in a world that challenges that security through television and culture, which ultimately leads them astray.

Try to understand that the world today is vastly different from when you were growing up and try to be supportive on these grounds. Studies show that children today are more stressed out than their parents. Learning should be a pleasant experience since beneficial and useful knowledge come in many forms. What I mean by this, is children do not have to become doctors or lawyers or anything else that they actually don’t want to become. Why set them up to succeed at material wealth, while setting them up to fail at spiritual health? There are many ways that they can use their individual creativity to do something they genuinely enjoy while making a good living at the same time. They have talents within them already that just needs you, as a parent, to recognize and then encourage and believe in them.

Children must be taught about things like self respect, integrity, honor, personal accountability and responsibility for their personal choices which determine their overall life. They must be educated to understand that happiness comes from within and not without; that they should question authority, even our own, but in a respectful and earnest manner. They must be taught about positive thinking and the importance of self motivation and self confidence. They must be taught that the system, in its present form, is fundamentally flawed and propagates materialism and consumerism through TV, internet, radio and any other form of communication that they possibly can.

Children, who are themselves very confused and lost because of a system that provides a pathetic excuse for guidance, need to know that they are not alone on their journey and that their parents are not against them but on their side. So listen to them, talk to them and learn with them. No one is going to be more interested in your child’s education like you are. Remember that.

It is also important to communicate with the teachers and hold you grounds when you know you are right. Unfortunately they are very much confined to the dictates of the school system but most of them are well meaning.

Below you can watch an excellent presentation from Sir Ken Robinson which articulates and animates the problems of the modern day school system and how the changing of the school system is taking place as well;