Quickly Cure Fatigue and The Circles Under Your Eyes With This Aromatherapy Trick

Unless you are suiting up for a football game, you probably do not want to have large dark spots under your eyes. As we age stress, lack of sleep and a variety of other issues play a role in why we end up with dark circles under our eyes. However, as clear as the issues is there never seems to be a solution in sight.

Well, maybe we have been looking in all the wrong places; maybe looking is the wrong approach in the first place. What follows below will explain how you can use your sense of smell to improve your looks with the power of aromatherapy.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plants, oils, minerals, and essential oils to change and better an individual’s mood, psychological or physical health. Aromatherapy can be applied through more than just the sense of smell. It can also be applied topically or used as an aromatic in the home.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to help cure many ailments by assisting the body in its recovery.  Aromatherapy is mainly thought of as an instrument for improving sleep and relaxation. However, Aromatherapy has also demonstrated the ability to relieve headache, sinus clogging as well as many other physical health issues.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

Dark eye circles can be quite a nuisances; they make you look tired, aged, and unwell. However, for as prevalent as eye circles are in today’s fast moving society, many do not understand how dark eye circles come about. While, sleep deprivation is a large contributing cause to why so many individuals suffer from eye circles is by far not the only reason.

Unbeknownst to most individuals; dark eye circles can be passed on through genetics. This means that if your parents or grandparents had dark eye circles you are more likely to ended up with dark eye circles.

While, not getting enough sleep is most likely to give your dark eye circles, oversleeping can also leave you with those unwanted optical dark spots. Allergies can also cause dark eye circles by clogging the synopsis.

Remedies for dark eye circles

Essential oils can help remove dark spots from under the eye when applied topically. Some of the best oils to use include: hydrosol or herbal infusion oil, Roman chamomile, geranium, rose, frankincense, orange blossom or lavender oil. In addition to these oils, cypress oil help to boost circulation in the eye area.

For best results add a few drops of the recommended essential oils to olive oil or almond oil and then apply the solution  around your eyes in the morning or before you go to sleep.  Soak two cotton pads with the hydrosol or infusion, put them over your eyelids for 5 minutes and rinse the residue afterwards.

Applying these essential oils to your dark eyes circles could be all you need to make sure your unwanted eye circles disappear in a cloud of sweet smelling aroma

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