You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes in the Same Salad!


The experts warn that combining ingredients that have a fast and slow digestion rate is not a good idea! Why? Well, we can answer that question for you – because the lighter ingredient will end up passing in the intestine just as the first one is completely digested. This will result in fermentation of the food in your stomach that may poison your whole body. It will lead to slow digestion and fermentation of sugars and starches, and won’t allow you to enjoy your meal as you should.

And, one more thing – the process of fermentation can also cause gasses, swelling and pain in the stomach as well as intestinal problems:

    • The experts warn that cucumbers and tomatoes are not compatible and should never be consumed together. Here’s what you need to know – well, when these 2 ingredients reach the stomach and the process of fermentation starts, the acid released in the abdominal cavity for digestion can cause numerous digestive problems.

    • Eating fruit after meals is definitely not a good idea! Why? We can answer that question for you – because fruits need a lot of time to be digested and should never stay long in the stomach. Eating them after a meal will result in “wine” in your stomach that can lead to acid reflux and other digestive problems.
    • We all know that Mac and cheese is a popular meal in many countries around the world, especially the USA. But, still, it should be avoided. How this works – macaroni are rich in starch, which has a different digestion time than protein, so the delay will lead to inevitable fermentation and further digestive problems. The same goes for macaroni and meat.
    • Meat and cheese – definitely NO! Why – because you should avoid putting too much protein on the same dish. Choose only one type of protein per meal.

  • The experts also say that should never mix bread or noodles with orange juice as the acid content required to digest the juice can destroy the enzyme responsible for starch digestion.
  • Vegetables and cheese is another “combo” that you should avoid. Eating this combo will only result in bloating.
  • You should never eat melon and watermelon together. And the main reason for that is because these fruits are meant to be consumed alone, not in combination with any other fruit.
  • Many people love eating bananas and milk, but this combo will slow down the digestion process – significantly.
  • People usually add fruit to their bowl of yogurt for breakfast, but this combination will slow down your digestion and harm your intestinal flora. This especially goes for adding pineapple to your yogurt, which boosts the active ingredients that cause food poisoning.