Meet the Herbicide that’s Causing Autism in Half of All Children

It seems that another month can’t go by without discovering yet another study that once again proves that Monsanto still is the most evil corporation on the planet (keep trying BP).

Regardless, Monsanto is at it again.

It seems it can’t be content with poisoning entire farming communities in Argentina, developing herbicide that are decimating the worldwide bee population, putting small farmers out of business with their cutthroat business models, or forcing GMOs down our throats to maximize their profits.

No, it seems the one thing Monsanto has to excel at is creating human misery wherever it can. Maybe it’s working for a lifetime achievement award?

Remember, regardless of what Monsanto’s PR department will have you believe, GMOs are specifically designed to maximize their marketability, shelf life, and production efficiency.

They’re basically not designed for human consumption because non-genetically modified produce will always yield more nutritional values for our bodies.

But that’s only the tip of the terrifying iceberg that is Monsanto.

The Clear and Current Danger

Several studies are popping up that are starting to reveal how Roundup, Monsanto’s poison, err I mean herbicide, of choice is potentially poisoning the entire planet’s future generations.

It seems like Monsanto is significantly stepping up its game as the worst company in the world. Maybe it’s worried that BP is getting too close?

Stephanie Seneff PhD, who has over three decades of specialized studies on the relationship between biology and technology culminating in over one-hundred and seventy published peer review papers, has just revealed the long- term effects Roundup is having on the global population.

Her most terrifying conclusion? By 2025 Roundup will have caused autism in about half of all the children in the world.

It’s almost unbelievable were it not for Monsanto’s extensively notorious ethics records and its infamous reputation.

You’re probably simultaneously horrified and curious how one herbicide can have such humongous reach over the world’s entire population.

It almost seems like it’s a terror plot from a science fiction movie or novel, right?

How is Roundup Affecting So Many Children?

Roundup is currently being used as a general application herbicide and preemptively being placed in Monsanto’s GMO Roundup-ready seeds.

This still doesn’t clarify how it has such a huge reach.

You need to factor in the fact that Roundup is the herbicide of choice for most mass produced corn and soy in the world. And remember, both these products are processed into high fructose corn syrup and soy filler respectively.

These two processed results are present in a myriad of Big Food (Monsanto’s bosom buddies) products available to the masses. Meaning billions are exposed to Roundup everyday.

Oh and did I mention that both soy and corn are also used as feeds for most cattle and poultry farms?

Meaning that most beef and chicken is likely riddled with Roundup residue because no creature can filter it out naturally.

What is the Link?

Seneff’s studies show that most autistic children currently have deficiencies in iron, zinc, and serum sulfate. They also have increased seizures and mitochondrial disorders.

These are all symptoms of the heavy glyphosate presence created by heavy Roundup exposure.

Yet Monsanto still has the gall of telling us that Roundup is mostly harmless.

What Action Can You Take?

Begin by ridding your home of most GMOs.

And let your money talk by boycotting anything related to Monsanto.


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