Only One Ingredient Can Eliminate Bed Bugs and Lice, Fight Herpes Sores and Pimples and Much More!


Lots of people usually rub alcohol on a cut or wound to clean it or reduce the risk of infection. Alcohol acts as a powerful disinfectant, so that it is so versatile. Specifically, it is used in household cleaning and even in cosmetics!

Here Are Some Little-Known Rubbing Alcohol Uses:


Removes Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, you can find it too difficult to destroy and get rid of bed bugs that are found in mattresses, beds, bed frames, box springs, furniture, and any other type of textile. However, by using rubbing alcohol on the affected objects or areas in your home you can destroy these awful parasites. All you need to do is pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and use it to spray over your mattress, pillows and bed frames. Also, repeat the same procedure a few times to destroy them effectively as they typically lay eggs and reproduce very quickly.


Serves as a Cool Pack

In case you store rubbing alcohol in a freezer, then it will not turn to ice. In fact, it will turn to a cold, thick mass. So, consider using rubbing alcohol in order to make homemade cooling pad. In order to make it, you should add 2 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol in a sealable plastic bag. Remember you should eliminate as much air as possible prior to storing the bag in the freezer. After about an hour, you can use it as an ice pack in case of an injury.


Gets Rid of Lice

Believe it or not, rubbing alcohol can also help in cases of lice. The only thing you should do is use it to fill a spray bottle and add several drops of lavender oil. Afterwards, you should go outside and gently massage it on your hair and scalp. Next, consider combing your hair to eliminate the dead lice.


Acts as a Natural Deodorant

It has also an ability to destroy the bad bacteria that trigger body odor. However, it is not recommended to use it every day since long-term alcohol exposure could result in skin irritation.


Eliminates Fingernail Polish

Almost all store-bought nail polish remover possess harmful chemical called acetone that could damage your nails. What’s more, the fumes may also lead to nausea. On the contrary, you should use pure rubbing alcohol for this purpose. Even though it could take a little longer to eliminate the polish, but you can protect your nails from damaging.


Helps Clean Your Ears

A large number of people use cotton swaps for cleaning their ears. But, the truth is that it is a harmful way to clean the ears as it makes wax get too deeply in the ear canal. Instead of using this method, you should create a mixture by using rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Pour some alcohol and vinegar in a cup and then dip a cotton swap in it. Finally, just drop it into your ears. Moreover, the wax will eliminate on its own.


Clears Your Skin

Many commercial anti-acne products contain benzoyl peroxide, which is a chemical. In addition, rubbing alcohol is as effective as this ingredient. Rubbing alcohol has powerful soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, so that it can disinfect any pimples, as well as sooth your skin. It can also prevent the formation of new ones. But, you should apply some of it directly to the pimple, because extended use can irritate your skin.


Heals Herpes Sores

Are you familiar with the fact that about 85% of the population carries the herpes virus, but just a small percent experiences a break out? The University of Michigan notes that applying 70% isopropyl alcohol on herpes sores helps in their elimination. So, in case you experience this issue, apply some of it on the affected area to speed up the healing process.


Helps in Cases of Ingrown Hairs

Have you ever noticed red dots on your skin after shaving? If so, just massage your skin with a bit of rubbing alcohol. It will relieve any irritation, thus making your skin smooth.


Acts as Hand Sanitizer

It also serves as a potent hand sanitizer. You should prepare a mixture of 1/2 tbsp. of rubbing alcohol, 4 oz. of organic aloe Vera gel, and several drops of high-quality tea tree essential oil. Finally, pour the resulted mixture in a sealable bottle and start using it.


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Source: healthteamadvisor


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