Not Again! McDonald’s Recalls Millions of Chicken Nuggets

What was the unusual ingredient found you may ask? It was plastic! Who wants to eat plastic? Yuck!

According to the Wall Street Journal: Japans McDonalds operator continues to have issues with its side menu offerings. In McDonald’s in Northern Aomori, a spokesman said a piece of vinyl was found in chicken nuggets sold over the weekend.

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As a result of this discovery, the fast food chain stopped sales of nuggets that were produced at a Thai plant on the same day that the nugget was made. The spokesman said. He added that the contaminated nugget is currently being transported to the company’s headquarters n Tokyo for further investigation.

This is not the first time McDonald’s have been shamed for their gross menu items. In a Canadian chain, someone claimed to have found a dead mouse in their coffee. A dental material and human tooth in their fries. Reports where people have found these strange items in there food refuse to die. Sales are plummeting, and the brand has increasingly become damaged because of all these reports. Do you want to go have lunch there? Not Me!

Last summer Shanghai Husi Food Co. was accused of repacking expired meat for fast food restaurants in China. McDonalds was among the fast food chains hit hard by this news. Executives of the U.S. owned meat supplier were arrested when learning of this discovery.

No beef or chicken products are being sold currently at a McDonalds in Beijing. The reason behind is the processing food scandal in China. McDonalds and many other restaurant chains cut ties with there supplier. The reason behind this is workers at Shanghai Husi were caught on television using expired meat. They were also found picking it up off the floor and returning it to the factory line. Several employees were arrested and detained for this gross behavior. Check out the video below for more info on Where’s the beef in China?

McDonalds Corporation, based in Oak Brook, IL posted its worst monthly sales decline, in more than ten years. Japanese operations forecasted a $156.7 million net loss for 2014, due to safety issues.

I stopped eating McDonalds about two years ago. All of their negative press has just disgusted me and turned me away from their products! Are you going to eat still there after reading this?