New Study Reveals Simple Exercise Can Build New Brain Cells. Here’s How

Despite what you might think it’s never too late to learn. Not only is the human mind a powerful thing it is far more malleable and adaptable then you might think. While it is true that over the years your brain might experience some deterioration over the years that does not mean you can’t remodel your brain and improve your thinking power.

What follows below will explain to you how your body can drastically benefit your mind.

Thinking Up a Sweat.

Your body and mind are connected; there is no doubt about that. Yet, one has to ask to what degree are your body and mind connected?   Well, a recent study conducted by researchers at Wayne State University may have found an answer this question.

For the last few decades, many within the scientific community believed that the brain’s structure was unalterable once an individual had reached adulthood.  However, recent evidence has emerged that may shake these scientists confidence in the matter.

The Study.

To conduct this study, Wayne State University observed the brain activity of lab rats to determine at what point in time and under what circumstances will the brain begins to lose it ability to grow. By limiting the physical activity of a portion of the rat’s researchers where able to discover that prolonged periods of sedentary behavior may lead to brain deterioration.

Simple Exercises.

Your body may need high amounts of tension and many repetitions to build muscle, but your brain can grow with the simplest of exercises.  Remember to take regular rest periods and drink lots of fluids to keep yourself energized throughout these simple workouts.

Wall Push Ups.

Wall pushups can be performed just about anywhere. All you will need for this simple workout is a sturdy flat wall. Begin by standing about six inches away from the wall, next place your hands flat against the wall and take two to three steps backwards. Once your body is diagonal, bend your arms until your face and chest are about an inch away from the wall.

Straighten your arms to bring yourself further away from the wall. Repeat this movement for 5 – 10 repetitions.


Standing with your feet six to eight inches apart, take a large step forward. As you step forward allow your knees to bend about 90 degrees. Hold this position for a count of three, then use your forward leg to push yourself back to a standing position. Switch legs and repeat this motion. Continue this exercise for about 5 each leg.


Walking can be a low impact exercise with big results. As simple as it may seem according to this study walking can help improve your brain’s neuron development and as a bonus improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Your mind might be a powerful thing, but it is also delicate. By taking just a few moments out of your day you can have a significant impact on your brain’s health.

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