Never Let People Kiss Your Baby’s Lips! Here Is Why…

If you are a parent, you know that nothing is more precious than keeping your baby’s health more than anything.  When a friend says, “just warning you, Jimmy has a cold! Nothing scary though we can still visit”.

Or you meet for a play date at the park with healthy kids and newborns and see that the kid coughs and has green snot on the nose.

Or the dinner date comes and says “kids won’t eat, we have been a bit ill all week”.

No, no, never!

If your kids are sick, never send them to kindergarten. Do not show for play dates. Do not kiss my kids or play with them. Do not spread germs, I need to avoid a week of taking care of sicknesses, vomiting and paying for childcare. And I, too, want some rest, not being in bed sick.

You think this is nothing but this is more than that. You think moms are paranoid when they see the doctor rushing and wrap the kids in wool and cotton, germs are everywhere and flu too, but you can’t keep kids in a bubble forever.

You just need to read a horror story like the UK mom Claire Henderson. She had a newborn girl Brooke and she got kissed on the mouth. The baby spent 5 days in hospital with herpes on the cheeks, lips and chin.

But, she was lucky. Cold sores can be deadly for newborns under 3 months, as Queensland showed last year; Mackay baby Eloise Lampton died of it days after the birth.

The lesson is, no kisses allowed on the baby’s lips! Even if the person looks healthy, warns Claire Henderson.

If someone has cold sore, let them know to keep the distance.

Here is the question, why you would visit an innocent, healthy, fragile being with cold sores? Why kiss even?! And the lips?!

No excuse for that. For the first 6 weeks, the baby has no immunity for the germs that we carry daily. For you it is just runny nose or ugly sore. But for the baby and its family it means life or death!

Every baby has the right to develop healthy.

I tried recently to visit friends that have a baby, but we all must wait until the baby is at least 6 weeks old.

This is not heard often, but this has to be a rule. It is better to say how you feel, instead of politely endanger the health of a loved one.

No more judging over protective parents, there is a reason for fearing over the kid’s health. give your baby a chance to be really healthy and no guilt feeling for that.

No more newborn kisses on the lips. No more sickish kids around the baby. And if your kids are sick , do not visit.

No politeness if the kids’ health is at risk.