Put This 2-Ingredient Water Mixture In Your Nose With a Neti Pot and Watch What Happens

Have you tried neti potting for sinus relief? If you haven’t, you may want to reconsider these magical little pots to help with your sinus symptoms. It’s no fun having clogged sinuses, which create pain and pressure in the face. By using neti pots, you can help clean out your passages and get relief from your sinus symptoms.

Neti Pots and Their Origin

Neti pots are small pots that are designed in such a way to rinse your nasal passages and thin the mucus that’s causing your sinus pain. This is also known as nasal irrigation. Sounds odd, yes? While the pots look like a mix between a watering can, a tea pot, and an Aladdin genie lamp, it’s not easy to mistake this pot for any of this. It’s a unique design and helps you to pour a mixture of salt and water through your nasal passages, therefore helping to clear them and bring you relief.

The neti pot has been used since ancient times and word “neti” actually comes from the old Indian language Sanskrit, which translates to something along the lines of “nasal cleaning”. These cute little pots were used for helping Yogi masters to obtain clearer breathing during their yoga practices. But clearer breathing isn’t just for Yogis!


Neti pots and nasal irrigation have been shown to help with a variety of sinus problems, include headache, cough, congestion, and the common cold . Many of these symptoms also correlate with seasonal allergies, which the neti pot helps as well. People who have had surgery on their sinuses also report benefitting from using the neti pot. It can help you stop taking nasal decongestants and other medications for your allergies and sinuses. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10892694)

The neti pot can also help with other symptoms as well, including snoring, nose bleeds, inhibited taste and smell, and more. People use the neti pot for a variety of things, and many of them that use it quickly get over the “gross” factor and experience relief the natural way.

How to Do it

Like many natural practices, they’re beneficial only if you do them correctly. The neti pot practice is no exception. It’s crucial that you use the correct solution—you can either buy a saline solution or make one at home. Making a saline solution for your neti pot at home is simple, and it involves these three steps:

  1. Boil water if you’re using tap water (NEVER use plain tap water for a neti pot practice. The bacteria in your tap water can be lethal when introduced into your sinus passages). You also have the option of buying distilled water from the store.
  2. Dissolve 1 tsp. of sea salt in two cups of the water. Some recommend adding a pinch of baking soda.
  3. Let mixture cool, then place in the neti pot.

Once you have your mixture, you can begin using your neti pot! If you’ve never used a neti pot before, your first time will feel pretty strange. Not everyone is accustomed to water flowing through their nasal passages. It feels akin to accidentally snorting water when you’re swimming. However, with practice, your discomfort will ease and you can just feel the relief!

Depending on the debris in your passages, you may also be shocked to see what comes out of the other side of your nose. Be forewarned—sometimes it’s not pretty.

How to use your neti pot:

  1. Pour your saline solution in your clean neti pot.
  2. Lean your head over a sink.
  3. Tilt the side of your head with the nostril being cleaned down. The nostril that you are pouring the water in should be higher than the one that the water will flow out of.
  4. Insert the spout into that nostril, and gently tip the neti pot, letting the water pour into your nose.
  5. Keep your mouth open!
  6. Once you are finished rinsing, blow your nose.
  7. Repeat process on the other side.

It’ll feel a little weird at first, but don’t give up. Neti potting is safe and natural as long as you never use tap water and follow the directions! It’s important that you do not overuse the neti pot, however. Like anything, you can overdo it. Too much rinsing can harm your nasal passages, as your mucus is there to protect you. How much is too much? If you have a cold, once per day is the max. If you have chronic sinuses problems, cap your neti pot use at a few times per week.

It’s also crucial to properly clean your neti pot after each use to prevent any bacteria buildup in there. Experts even recommend replacing the pot every month or so to be extra safe.

The neti pot has been used for many years and many people swear by it! This natural remedy can help relieve pressure in your sinuses and help with taste, headaches, colds, snoring, and so much more. And with a price at under $10 in many places, what do you have to lose? Nasal decongestions tend to be more expensive than that! Not to mention dangerous. Give neti pots a try for sinus relief!

This amazing post was written by Jenn Ryan, a freelance writer and editor who’s passionate about natural health, fitness, gluten-free, and animals. You can read more of her work at thegreenwritingdesk.com.

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