You Need to Perform These 12 Simple Exercises If You Want to Improve the Appearance of Your Butt and Legs

According to the Nike trainer Alex Silver-Fagan, if you want to have nice butt and slim legs you will have to perform squats. In order to do that you just need to combine all of the following exercises with similar training programmes.

We recommend you to do the following:

It is recommended to do the exercises every day.

You will only need 15 minutes to perform these exercises.

The best thing with these exercises is that you can perform them in your home.

You can achieve amazing results in a short period of time if you complete these exercises in the right way.

1.Performing Basic Squats is the best start.



2.If you want to achieve a great buttocks do Squats with a Kickback.



3.If you want to strengthen both your buttocks and body, do Sumo Squats.



4.Sumo Squats- Outstretched Arms add the cardio element.



5.If you want to strengthen the arm muscles, do Jump Squats.


6.If you want to improve the appearance of your waistline, do Sumo for Training the Abdominal Oblique Muscles.



7.Narrow Squats when the Feet are Close Together is a great exercise to be performed as pistol squats warm-up.


8.You should use support while performing Pistol Squats at the very beginning since they are not easy to perform.



9.Besides strengthening the buttocks, the Split Squats also strengthen the muscles of the calf and thighs.


10.If you want to target a number of muscles simultaneously, do Curtsy Squats.



11.Side Squats target the lower body in what is called a lateral motion exercise.


12.Besides adding cardio to the training, the Pop Squats are also great for relaxing the muscles after the antecedent.


Training Schedule for One Week:

Day 1

  • 10 repetitions of Basic Squats
  • 5 repetitions of Squats with Kickback on both of your legs

Day 2

  • 10 repetitions of Sumo Squats- outstretched arms
  • 10 repetitions of Sumo Squats

Day 3

  • 10 repetitions of Jump Squats
  • 5 repetitions of Squats for training the oblique muscles on both of your legs

Day 4

  • 5 repetitions of Pistol Squats on both of your legs
  • 10 repetitions of Narrow Squats- your feet put close together

Day 5

  • 5 repetitions of Curtsy Squats on both of your legs
  • 5 repetitions of Split Squats on both of your legs

Day 6

  • 10 repetitions of Pop Squats
  • 5 repetitions of Side-step Squats on both of your legs

Day 7

  • 10 repetitions of Sumo Squats
  • 5 repetitions of Squats to target oblique abdominal muscles on both of your legs

We recommend you to repeat these exercises during the entire week.

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