Treat Eczema Naturally With Fish Oil and Oatmeal

In December of 2013, two-year-old Aoibheann Hennessy fractured her ankle, and when the cast was finally lifted, her mother noticed a small, itchy patch of skin that had developed right behind the toddler’s knee. Her mom at first she didn’t think anything of it, but before long, the irritated skin had turned into a painful angry red eczema that began to spread all over Aoibheann’s body.


Eczema is a painful inflammatory condition of the skin that is characterized by dryness and itching. It happens when the skin barrier stops functioning properly. This means that the skin’s surface begins to rapidly lose water, allowing bacteria to gain easy entry to the skin. The eczema gets worse especially when the sufferer scratches repeatedly, which causes infection and a spreading condition.  Aoibheaann began to develop rashes that were so painful that her mom had to wrap her up like a mummy whenever she needed to go to sleep, so the blankets wouldn’t hurt her skin.

Aoibheann’s mom, Lynn Hennessey (29 years old) began applying steroid cream and coconut oil to the toddler’s skin nine times a day, but it never seemed to make a difference. She changed the detergents and the soaps in the house, tried changing the girl’s diet, but nothing seemed to be having an effect on those angry red patches of skin. When the doctor’s recommendations didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, she turned to a dermatologist for help. Eventually, she began looking for natural remedies.

A Natural Solution

In a desperate attempt to find some relief for her daughter’s discomfort, Mrs. Hennessey turned to the Internet in search of anything that could alleviate the eczema, which was beginning to impact every aspect of her life. In her Internet travels, Mrs. Hennessy happened to come across an advertisement for Robertson’s Eczema Relief, which was an all natural cream that contained cod liver oils and oatmeal.

Hennessy knew that cod liver and oatmeal are both known to be anti-inflammatories, but she was still skeptical of trying it. “The before and after photos being posted looked amazing”, she said “but for all I knew they could have been photoshopped”.

Eczema Free in 3 Weeks

Within three weeks of applying the cream, Hennessy noticed her daughter’s skin began clearing up to the point where she almost didn’t notice the condition. The cream cost a mere $44.95 (or £23) and today Aoibheann is eczema free. Her mom credits the miraculous recovery from the natural properties of oatmeal and fish oil that were main components of the cream.

Oat baths have long been recommended for people with sensitive skin conditions because oats have properties that are able to naturally moisturize the skin and relieve itching. They also contain antioxidants that have an anti-inflammatory effect which are ideal for helping eczema.

Fish oils have been also been used for years to treat skin afflictions, as the natural oil inhibits inflammation and helps skin look more youthful and fights acne. Fish oil helps the absorption of vitamins and minerals, which is vital when eczema is blocking these processes.

In any matter that comes to your skin, it’s always wise to try organic and natural products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Natural remedies can often be cheaper, and they have natural benefits! Do you agree?

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