Melon seeds – Cure for E Coli

The melon has significant positive effects on health. In medical purposes use the root, pulp and seeds. It protects the body from cardiovascular disease, aging, urinary tract and helps reduce weight. It is also in the range of anti-cancer food.

Melon seeds - Cure for E Coli

So considering the performance of melon seeds can be described as a miraculous act because of the dangerous bacteria E. coli. There are several types and sub types of E. coli and one of them is located in the lower abdomen in humans.

Most types of bacteria are harmless, and sometimes even useful. They are found in the digestive tract and produce vitamin K and protect the stomach and other toxic bacteria. Several species back from E. coli are dangerous and can lead to severe illness and even death.

E. coli is commonly found as bacteria in the urinary tract. These infections can be successfully treated with appropriate antibiotics, but in many cases antibiotics not only do not help but hinder because bacteria can easily adapt to the new environment and easily mutate.

In such cases, patients require medication natural base.

One of the widely used methods that have proven successful is the use of dry ground melon seeds. It is enough for 21 days in a row, once a day to take 1 tablespoon crushed melon seeds with 6.6 oz (200 ml) of water. The results are remarkable if the patient adheres to the treatment.

How ever as E Coli can be a very harmful bacteria of the urinary tract and especially kidneys, its a must to be treated with medical therapy prescribed by a doctor and take the drink of seeds additionally.


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