Matt Damon Gives Chilling Speech Calling Out The NWO & Powers That Be

Not only has he been engaged in various forms of activism through the course of his career, including publicly supporting  charity groups such as, which campaigns for clean for parts of the world who have no access to it, but he also has played roles in movies that he believes will help promote awareness about serious issues in our world today such as the Bourne trilogy (which highlights corruption within the NSA, CIA and military industrial complex) but also Promised Land (about fracking) and Elysium (a dystopian future) along with other enlightening roles.


He also narrated the excellent and award winning documentary “Inside Job” by Charles Ferguson, which brilliantly documents how the bankers and others knowingly tanked the global economy and robbed the people, and also how Obama flooded his administration with those same people, despite claiming that lobbyists “would not work in my white house”.

Below you can watch a very powerful and moving speech from Matt taken primarily from one of his heroes, Howard Zinn;