The first legal cannabis vaporizer, intended for medicinal use.

The first legal cannabis vaporiser has hit the UK, intended for medicinal use.

Creators of the MediPen say their revolutionary device contains a very respectable dose of CBD, an active ingredient in the cannabis plant with a vast array of positive benefits and health uses.

CBD does not produce any of the psychoactive effects associated with traditional cannabis use, such as paranoia or anxiety.

A spokesman told ‘As the MediPen does not contain any THC it is completely legal in the UK and does not produce any of the negative mind-altering effects associated with traditional cannabis use.’

Amy Yapp, who suffers from fibromyalgia (a condition which causes muscular pain, aches and tenderness) has reviewed the MediPen.

She doesn’t usually use cannabis, but her condition was causing a lot of pain, so despite early scepticism, she decided to go ahead with the trial.

Ms Yapp said that while she still had uncomfortable twinges, her pain was a lot less intense than usual.

In a later video, she added: ‘It’s not cannabis as if you’re having a joint, it’s just the oils.

‘I’ve finally found something I’m happy with.’

Yapp hadn’t felt the need to take as much pain medication, but she did warn: ‘If you take too much in one go you do get a burn at the back of your throat.’