How To Make Cinnamon Coconut Water Kefir

Cinnamon coconut water kefir is one of the easiest beverages to make for excellent health. Do you have low energy, blood sugar issues, excess weight, sugar cravings, or digestive issues? Coconut kefir will help you heal! This wonderful fermented beverage is rich in beneficial bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial for digestive and immune system health.


You can make different types of kefir by using nut and seed milks like walnut, coconut milk, and they all taste delightfully! This beverage is so refreshing and delicious, and is ideal for people looking for dairy-free recipes.


Cinnamon coconut water kefir is easy to make, especially if you have access to young Thai coconuts. These coconuts have a white outer shell. If you can’t find young coconuts in your area, you can always use high quality raw coconut water to make your kefir. You can find several brands in stores worldwide and online too!


Once you get your coconut water, you will ferment it with kefir bacteria cultures to create a bubbly, tangy drink that will contribute to heal your digestive system, cut sugar cravings, detoxify your body, support your endocrine system, and strengthen your immune system!


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