An HIV-positive Finnish man challenged folks with an easy request — reaching out and touching him if they dare.

For a social experiment, a person named Janne stands in a busy sq. with an indication on both sides of him reading “I’m HIV-positive — touch me!” He closes his eyes in opposition to the sun and reaches his arms gently out to his sides.

Then, he merely waits.

At first, dozens of individuals stroll by, reading his signal however making no move to come close to him. One girl even does a double-take and shakes her head in disapproval.

However slowly, the tide changes. One lady comes over to squeeze his hand. He squeezes again, overwhelmed. Individuals begin coming up to him, touching his shoulders, shaking his arms. A younger blonde lady, in sun shades, walks over to embrace him tightly. Quickly individuals are giving him huge hugs, which leaves a profound impression on Janne by the end of the video.