Russian Expert Reveals: Here’s How To Restore Immunity In Just 15 Seconds

Do you have a problem with a weak immune system? Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, a Russian expert, offers you the simplest solution ever!

Every night when you get home after a hard working day, fill the bathtub with 10-15 centimeters quite cold, icy water. Do not add any hot water! Then enter barefoot in the tub and tap with your feet in the icy water for only 10-15 seconds! You can even dance to some lively music.

Then exit the bathtub and wipe your feet with a rough towel and put on wool socks. Repeat this every night and you will significantly strengthen your immunity. If you have already got the flu, that is just a reason more for you to decide and strengthen your immune system. In this case, tap barefoot in the cool water every 4 hours.

Do not be afraid that you can worsen your condition, on the contrary, such a strengthening of the body will also strengthen the immune system, assures Dr. Sergei.

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