Herbalism, Not Big Pharma, is Oldest and Most Effective Medicine

While many pharmaceutical medications are disruptive to the overall functioning of the body, numerous herbs actually support the natural healing powers of our own bodies. Herbs can be so effective at healing that we are still using them even after thousands of years. A primary reason many of us frown on herbal medicine in modern times is because mainstream Western medicine shuns it. Big pharma spends billions of dollars to make sure we buy patented medications rather than medicine from mother nature.

According to many statistics, pharmaceutical companies have us hooked on their medicine like a junky on the streets. More than 70% of the American population is on some type of chemical drug.

In the 1980s, there was a huge ‘war on drug’ campaign issued by the Federal Government, but the truth is that Big Pharma is pushing drugs on us more than any coke dealer in history ever has.

The Coalition Against Drug Abuse even says, ‘they [the pharmaceutical companies] are pushing addiction.” We are on narcotics, pain-relief drugs, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, ADD and ADHD medications, blood pressure medications, and more. It gets downright ridiculous, when a simple herb that costs literally pennies on the dollar, and, in most cases, with little side effects, can resolve most of these problems within days.

There are literally thousands of plants, flowers, and roots that can be used to aid human health. The problem is that Big Pharma and Big Ag make BIG MONEY by mono-cropping and destroying the natural balance of mother nature. GMOs are made to withstand greater levels of herbicide use, but thesecreations cause cancer, infertility, and DNA alteration. They also harm bio-diversity – which means that the incredible variety of plants which could be used to heal us are destroyed in the process.

“Producing crops, by its very nature, means getting rid of wild plants on the farm.”

As Monsanto and other companies continue to plant GMO crops, they erode mother nature’s copious medicine cabinet. Then, Big Pharma steps in to give us ‘solutions’ that cost way too much money and often don’t help the problem at all, but make it worse. Consider the over-use of antibiotics. It has led to the creation of super-insects that can’t be tamed with conventional drugs, much the same way that the overuse of herbicide has lead to the creation of super-weeds. Messing with Mother Nature makes the very things we are trying to lessen, like bugs or weeds, resistant.

It seems as simple as pie, but many people have yet to cognize the correlation between these two over-paid and under-compassionate industries. Big Pharma and Big Ag will destroy our thousand-year-old medicine. If they keep planting GMO poisons in our ground, and keep giving us pharmaceutical poisons to ‘cure’ the ailments they cause, we will soon run out of herbs, and the biodiversity that supports eons of effective, true medicine.

Credits: Natural Society

Author: Christina Sarich, guest.

Image credits: ElephantJournal