Help Mathew end his daughter’s suffering

My name is Matthew Graham. My wife Michelle and I have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. Her name is Christian and she has been a blessing. At the age of one, she began to experience debilitating seizures that doctors said could cripple her for life or eventually kill her. Her current treatment has stopped the seizures but has stunted her developmentally. She can no longer walk or talk. She is no longer the smiling, full of life girl we once had.

Studies have shown that CBD can stop the seizures without all the terrible side effects that have left my daughter unable to even hold her head up. CBD promises to give my daughter her life back.

Carly’s Law allows the University of Alabama to prescribe CBD. Yet, 10 months later we are still waiting for her first prescription. The only thing standing in the way of our child’s chance at a better life is the DEA approval of the University of Alabama’s schedule one license to prescribe CBD to our children, and help stop their suffering.

Please join me and ask the DEA to stop delaying approval. Tell them to fast track the issuance of the University of Alabama’s schedule one license today.  

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Office of Diversion Control US Drug Enforcement Agency
BIRMINGHAM RESIDENT OFFICE New Orleans Division, Office of Diversion Control
Assistant Special Agent in Charge Joseph Shepherd
Please help Alabama epilepsy and rare disease sufferers!

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