This is what happens to your lungs, lungs, and air when you diffuse essential oils

If you were looking for an effective, natural, and safe way to boost mood, improve brain function, and purify the air, consider diffusing essential oils.  This is one of the best and cheapest solutions for your health.  Not only it leaves your house smelling heavenly, but it allows you to reap the benefits of essential oils by inhaling the vapors.

Diffusion distributes essential oil molecules in the air, which is a great way to optimize their beneficial properties. When inhaled through the nose, the nerves send a signal to the brain and affect the systems that moderate our bodies.  Given that the chemical messengers present in the nasal cavity are directly linked to the brain, inhalation is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of the nurturing constituents of essential oils.

Why You Need to Diffuse Essential Oils Every Day

Purify Air

When defused into the air, essential oils aid in:

  • Destroying mold microorganisms in the air
  • Filling the air with aromatic scent
  • Increasing atmospheric oxygen
  • Increasing ozone and negative ions in the area, which inhibits bacterial growth
  • Making chemicals non-toxic by altering their molecular structure

Support Your Immune System

Diffusing essential oils, particularly cinnamon and eucalyptus, is one of the best holistic ways to strengthen the immune system.

In one French study, 210 microbes were colonized, and in half an hour of diffusing the air with essential oils, as little as 4 colonies remained! Diffusing essential oil is very simple as all you have to do is to add 10-15 drops of the oil of choice in a regular diffuser with water.

Reduce Stress and Relax

Essential oils have the ability to penetrate cell membranes and pass through the brain-blood barrier, reaching the emotional center within a few seconds. Given that the hypothalamus is in charge for sending chemical messengers that affect energy, stress, mood, and energy, inhaling essential oils is a good way to relax and fight stress.

Anti-Stress Blend

Lavender: 5 drops

Ylang ylang: 3 drops

Bergamot: 2 drops

Deeper Sleep

According to a 2014 systematic review published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, lavender has the ability to improve sleep by itself  and when used in a combination with valerian and similar oils.  A 2012 article published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests that inhaling a combination of essential oils containing more lavender than other oils lowered participants` blood pressure and production of the stress hormone. With this being said, it`s no wonder that lavender promotes deeper sleep.

Reduce Congestion

Essential oils are extremely effective in reducing inflammation and congestion in blocked airways, allowing you to breathe easier.  Those who are prone to breathing disorders like allergies are recommended to diffuse essential oils in the room they spend most of their time.  Some of the best oils for this purpose include lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

Reduce Food Cravings

It has been scientifically shown that there is a strong link between appetite and the sense of smell. As a matter of fact, multiple studies have shown that the sense of smell triggers feelings of satiety long before the stomach does.

When you inhale the oil, its molecules impact the hypothalamus, where “satiety center” is located, the center that regulates feelings of hunger and fullness.

Direct Inhalation

Those who don’t have an access to an oil diffuser can inhale the oils directly from the bottle. This is very simple! You can open the bottle and inhale or put a couple of drops on the palm of the hand, cap the hands over the nose, and inhale.

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