This Guy Has A Patent That Could Put Monsanto Out Of Business

Individuals world-wide are coming together to boycott the biotech giant that is Monsanto, so much so that the company has even considered changing its nameAfter all, we are still experiencing the fallout of Agent Orange (which the company developed) use in Vietnam, as veterans of that war age and grow sick with strange illnesses.

Paul-Stamets-3It can no longer be denied that this industry causes incredible detriment to living beings. Even the decline of bee populations has been attributed to agricultural chemical spraying across the world, even as more and more nations ban these concoctions.

However, despite heightened awareness of the crimes of nature that Monsanto continually unleashes upon our world, most hold little hope that support of movements such as organic produce and biodynamic agriculture could possibly put the company out of business.

However, there’s hope that some real change is coming.

Almost ten years ago, mycologist Paul Stamets was granted a patent that has potential to radically change the way we farm. Since Mr Stamets has a non-traditional educational background, his concepts are downplayed by the pesticide industry, but they are frightened.paul-stamets-mushroom-dung-nam-de-thay-doi-the-gioi-3

Said one executive that would like to remain anonymous, what he discovered is  “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed” to the chemical pesticide industry.

With $16 billion in revenue for 2014, they do not need anything disrupting the cash cow.

The patent we are talking about uses mother nature to keep insects from eating crops. It is among a group of chemical-free pesticides called ‘smart pesticides.’

300px-Paul_Stamets_with_AgarikonThis ‘biopesticide’ is a permanent and safe solution for controlling hundreds of thousands of species of destructive insects, and it is harnessed using the magic of mushrooms.

For a complete summary, check out the video below. In summary, the natural mushroom pesticide uses the power of a group of fungi that destroy insects. He has found a way to attract the insects to this, who eat it and are killed.

Check out this video! We live in some exciting times that are seeing old ways crumble and power structures fall as we wake up to create a more healthy and sustainable way of working, living & playing together on this planet.

The time is now. Yes we can!

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