My Friend’s House Always Smells Amazing! She Showed Me This Awesome Trick and I Still Can’t Believe It!

Don’t you just love when someone’s house smells amazing? It’s like you’d spend the rest of your life there. Your house can smell nice, too, and all you need is one simple trick.

Conventional air fresheners and scented candles are made from toxic chemicals. Go all-natural, and get rid of your commercial, expensive and toxic fresheners.

All you need is some baking soda, essential oil, a fork, an empty candle light container, a hammer, and a mason jar with a lid.

This trick will do wonders for your bathroom, bedroom or living room. First, clean the candle holder using warm water and soap.

Put in your baking soda and essential oil, and stir until well combined. Use any essential oil, and make sure you love its scent, otherwise you won’t really like your new air freshener. Put in a small (tea) candle.

If you’re using a mason jar, prick a few holes on its lid, and put in your baking soda and essential oil. Simple as that. This is the easiest way of making your own air freshener, and we strongly suggest that you try it.

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