Foods That Will Improve Your Vaginal Health

Eventually, all ladies experience difficulty with vaginal health. In any case, it turns out, foods can be the response to poor vaginal health issues. It may sound silly, but you can eat your way to a healthier vagina.

Here is a list of foods that are beneficial for your vaginal health:

  • Cranberry juice. Loaded with acid compounds that fight off bad bacteria, cranberry juice can help you prevent and relieve urinary tract infections. But go for a natural, no-sugar-added brand to get the benefits.
  • Yogurt. Yogurt has good bacteria cultures needed for a healthy vagina. Yogurt also helps balance the pH of the vagina. Plain yogurt is fine, but you can consume any kind.
  • Sweet potatoes. Their vitamin A contributes to healthy vaginal and uterine walls and helps us produce the hormones we need to stay vibrant and energized.
  • Garlic. Garlic contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties that help prevent vaginal problems, such as itching, burning, odor, vaginal discharge and even UTIs.
  • It also boosts the immune system, so that your body is ready to fight off any infection.
  • Eat 2 to 3 raw garlic cloves on a daily basis. You can also add garlic or its paste to your dishes and salads. If you prefer to take garlic capsules, consult your doctor first.
  • Avocados, apples, flaxseeds, and water. They are all super-healthy for many reasons, but for those who don’t like soy, remember that these four can also help you stay naturally lubricated down there.
  • Almonds and pumpkin seeds. They’re high in zinc, which can normalize your menstrual cycle and regulate hormones. Zinc can also boost your immune system and your mood.
  • Kale. To combat vaginal dryness as well as itching and burning, include kale and other low-oxalate green vegetables in your diet.

    Kale is a rich source of vitamins A and C and helps improve blood circulation. In addition, it gives a boost to your immunity to help keep infections at bay.

    Add kale to your salad, vegetable juice or green smoothie. You can also cook it lightly and eat it as a side dish. Other green vegetables that are good for vaginal health include cabbage, celery and collard green.

  • Lemon. Lemons also support vaginal health as their acidic nature helps maintain the vagina’s healthy pH level. Antioxidants in it also help protect the cells from free-radical damage.

    In addition, it works as an immune booster to help your body prevent and fight any kind of infection.

    Drink lemon water once or twice daily to help restore the pH balance in your body. To make lemon water, mix the juice of ½ lemon to a glass of warm water and add a little raw honey for taste.

  • Hot chilies. They contain capsaicin, which improves blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings. That’s good for arousal.
  • Guava, kiwi, oranges, and green peppers. They are full of vitamin C, which helps with stamina and keeps your sex drive going by removing the free radicals that disrupt normal sexual health.
  • Dark chocolate. Dark chocolates are high in flavonoids, which is an antioxidant. Studies have shown that women who eat a bit of dark chocolate a day report better overall sexual health.
  • Fresh fruit and veg in general. Want fewer menstrual cramps? Better skin? Easier orgasms? Eat a diet that supplies you with a variety of vitamins and minerals. The health benefits are good for your whole body, from your pinky toes to your punani to your beautiful brain.
  • Drink Water. This is a no-brainer. Being properly hydrated is good for your whole body, vagina included.

Additional Tips

  • To keep the mucous vaginal membranes lubricated and functioning properly, drink sufficient water throughout the day.
  • Avoid processed and sugar-rich foods.
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • While treating an infection, avoid foods that contain yeasts, such as beer and bread.
  • Quit smoking and drinking, which can increase your risk of infection.
  • When it comes to underwear, opt for cotton as it breathes and absorbs moisture.
  • Do exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Avoid douching, which increases the risk of infections.
  • Avoid unprotected sex.
  • Avoid using scented soaps, wipes and other vaginal products as they can lead to dryness.


If you add just a few of these to your meals, your vagina is gonna thank you.


Photo: Getty Images