Chemotherapy hoax: Toxic cancer treatments lead to more disease

It’s no secret that cancer is deadly. It’s also not a secret that cancer treatment is a billion dollar industry, starting with early detection programs and ending with toxic therapies.

Chemotherapy is not used today because it works well. It’s used today because it makes the industry money. You see, chemotherapy doesn’t just kill cancer cells – it kills all of your cells. That seems odd right? By killing off healthy cells, chemotherapy sets patients up to be at a higher risk of developing cancer again within 10-15 years, if the chemo didn’t kill them the first time around. In fact, since the debut of chemotherapy, the number of secondary cancers has increased exponentially. Chemotherapy destroys the endocrine system, the immune system and disrupts normal body functions – all factors in setting you up for other diseases and major players in the development of secondary cancers. Radiation therapy is also a risk factor for secondary cancers, especially sarcomas and leukemia. The medical industry is well aware of these risks, and still continues to hand out chemo and radiation therapy like candy.

Chemotherapy is essentially an expensive poison, and early detection programs are a way get more people to pay for screenings, exams, lab work and so on – despite the fact that the industry knows this does nothing to actually prevent cancer, it merely makes people aware that they have it sooner – which means more money into the pockets of the cancer industry.

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