This Teenager Invented a Miracle Cancer Detection Device, But No One Will Patent It – Here’s Why:

As many of you may have heard from a couple of years ago a young teenager by the name of Jack Andraka invented a new way to detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer. It was being hailed as a monumental breakthrough in science and there was huge media circus surrounding him as he beat out 1,500 contestants to win the grand prize at the Intel International Science Fair with his invention. This self-described science geek took the stage and $100,000 in prize money.

Andraka overcame homophobic bullying to become a world-famous science prodigy at the age of just 15. Check out this video below to see Jack speak about his amazing journey.


So nearly three years on I can’ t help but wonder what has happened to this ground-breaking discovery that was going to come up with test results in five minutes and for as little as three cents.

In a recent article on the huffington post Jack was asked what the current status of his new way to detect cancer was. He answered by saying ,”Right now it’s in pre-clinical trials, we tested it on a lot of different patients and and we’re in talks with a bunch of different biotech companies, so just trying to get through the process. It’ll probably be on the market in the next five to ten years, hopefully.”

Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry and as everyone knows when there are large sums of money involved there is always some kind high-level corruption. If there is one thing I have learnt in my years working as a truth-seeker and online activist it’s that if you want to find the truth you simply have to follow the money.

Over the years there have been multiple highly revealing excerpts of important cancer cures news articles from the major media suggesting a cover-up. I suggest you check out this website for excerpts of key Cancer Cures news articles in media:

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Jack Andraka  This Teenager Invented a Miracle Cancer Detection Device, But No One Will Patent It – Here’s Why: jack andraka

So is it possible that Jack Andraka’s invention is being stalled because big business is worried about the huge game-changing affects it will have on the industry that surrounds Cancer.

The excuse of the big medical corporations is that a product like this needs to go through extensive testing which is completely understandable but a time-scale of 5 – 10 years has been given which is not only vague but for an invention of this magnitude and importance you have to wonder about the motives behind taking so long to bring it to market.

When Jack was asked by the about how he felt about it taking so long to get to market this was his response, ”When I created the test I was 14 and naïvely thought it could get on the market in a few months! I didn’t realize at the time (although my mentor did tell me) how much work needs to be done on a medical device before it can get to market. That’s how it should be- don’t want to get a product to people until it has been worked up well! I’m hearing from labs around the world who are working on similar sensors so I’m sure it will get to the people who need it- the sooner the better! It’s not important to me who brings the idea to market as long as it can help reduce the mortality of this terrible disease.”

Medical companies and organisations like the FDA have come under intense scrutiny for being corrupt and when it comes to Cancer the topic of Marijuana and it’s medical benefits to people suffering from Cancer has been widely publicized , and it seems that Jack’s invention may also be a victim of a similar kind of foul-play.

I have read a couple of interesting articles which do however give an interesting insight into the Andraka family and offers a different perspective on the whole issue. You can check out one of those articles here. But to give you the gist of it , it claims that there is actually no overwhelmingly strong evidence to support Andraka’s extraordinary claims and that this is why he has never published a peer-reviewed paper of his findings, despite being an advocate of open science and free information.

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I think as always one must keep an open mind and incorporate critical thinking when deciding your views on matter like this. I do however believe that Jack Andraka is a brilliant and passionate young man who has achieved amazing things at such a young age and has the potential to be responsible for saving the lives of millions of people.

But I do worry why there have been no peer-reviewed publications of his work, and I wonder why no experts have vetted and validated his findings publicly.It may be because there are darker powers at play that don’t want to bring this invention to market anytime soon… but I’ll leave that to you to research and decide.

I think it might have been better for Andraka, and for his test, if he had gone through the traditional process of publishing and presenting his work to other, hypercritical but friendly scientists before he became a media star. A scientific paper should have come before the TED Talks, and before the adulation, then the big companies he is seeking to license and develop his test might be more keen to invest in it. I just hope Jack is getting the right guidance and support that is needed to help push his amazing invention through to it’s final stages sooner rather than later.

On a more positive note while that promising invention undergoes trials, he’s already moved on to what he believes could be the next frontier of cancer treatment: Building nanobots out of iron oxide, or rust, that can destroy cancer cells. You can read the full article on this at the Huffington post: