Rice is a delicious food that is eaten in bulk all around the world. Many times it is suggested to eat brown rice instead of white, but which is truly better for your health?

The main differences lie in the color of the rice. The reason brown rice is brown is because it contains bran, white rice is white because the bran and germ are eliminated. Germ makes the rice vulnerable to rancidity; this is bad because this “germ” has high amounts of polyunsaturated fat that easily oxidizes. When this happens, oxidation can lead to other problematic reactions, causing the body to be sick. That doesn’t mean white rice is healthier though.

Brown rice is preferred by people who are trying to lose weight. This is because of the fiber content. Brown rice has more fiber than white rice because of the way it’s processed. The brain in the rice provides the fiber the body requires to keep you fuller for a longer time. It has twice the amount of phosphorus and manganese over white rice. It has about three times the iron and vitamin B3, B1, and B6 than white rice. It is essential for people who want to lower their cholesterol levels, as well as those with metabolic problems.

You may be thinking that brown rice is better for you while it contains many benefits, it’s not the best nutrient to the body. There are many people who are against the consumption of starch, which is white rice is a just pure starch. While starch is believed to be bad because it breaks down into glucose, which can cause high insulin in the body, the truth is, the body runs on glucose. Glucose comes from carbs, like starch, and it doesn’t cause insulin resistance.

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Scientists and medical professionals do caution people for the consumption of rice. Some people eat rice every day as their main food source. Going back to which rice is better for you, brown rice is considered the more nutritious type. Be sure that what you consume isn’t rancid; otherwise, this will only negate the health benefits offered by brown rice.