How Big Pharma gets away with selling crystal meth to children: By renaming it ‘Adderall’

In an interview on All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, drug abuse and addiction expert Carl Hart from Columbia University revealed one shocking claim:

Big Pharma is practically selling Methamphetamine, and selling it as Adderall. This isn’t the only time he has said this. In a report from 2014, Hart and co-authors Don Habibi and Joanne Csete, who are also from Columbia University, took a look into meth’s effect on the human brain.

They concluded that there isn’t any recognizable differences in the effects of amphetamine, illicit or prescription.

FDA says Meth OK for ADHD, Weight Loss

Amphetamines are chemicals that can be utilized recreationally and for medical purposes. Meth is popular on our streets, and refers to dextroamphetamine or methamphetamine. “Crystal meth” is mainly methamphetamine hydrochloride. Authors in the report suggest that popular and scientific literature consistently portrays meth to be more addictive and potent than most other amphetamines.

“Such statements, however, are inconsistent with the empirical evidence,” they wrote.

“In carefully controlled laboratory studies of human research participants, (dextroamphetamine) and methamphetamine produce nearly identical physiological and behavioral effects… They both increase blood pressure, pulse, euphoria, and desire to take the drug in a dose-dependent manner. Essentially, they are the same drug.”

This means drugs with amphetamine like Adderall (prescribed to treat narcolepsy and “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” in kids as young as two years old, isn’t any different from methamphetamine. Adderall contains 25 percent of amphetamines and 75 percent of dextroamphetamine salts. This is how Adderall gets its mental enhancement effects. The drug is prescribed to improve athletic and mental performance, and is used commonly for recreational purposes to produce a feel good “high.”

Desoxyn is another FDA-approved drug that is similar crystal meth. Desoxyn’s main active ingredient is methamphetamine hydrochloride, which is crystal meth. Desoxyn is approved to treat ADHD despite there being no dysfunction within the nervous system, and even as a weight loss supplement.

The absurdities of Drug War Politics

This means that Desoxyn, Adderall and various other amphetamines are just as equal in carrying similar risks as methamphetamine. Hart and his colleagues say that a common risk for long term use of amphetamine leads to brain cell toxicity.

This effects the cells that produce monoamine and dopamine neurotransmitters. This happens mainly because high doses of amphetamine can abnormally increase levels of dopamine within the human brain, which ends up producing DNA and cell-damaging free radicals.”This, in turn, could lead to persistent deficits in the functioning of dopamine-containing cells,” the researchers wrote.

Watch Dr. Hart in the video below:

The researchers had noted that recreational users of drugs could be slightly protected from that effect, due to the users beginning the use of the drug in small amounts and gradually increase over time. The most damaging effects occurred when animals that never used the drug, were given high doses of he drug repetitively.

The authors made no mentioning of whether this would occur with young children who are suddenly taking high doses of ADHD medications. The other risks associated with long-term amphetamine use includes stroke and “paranoia mimicking full-blown psychosis.”

Hart and his colleagues also note that the division involving drugs and meth like Adderall is the norm within the politics-dominating “War on Drugs.” A great example was back in 1986, when Congress passed legislation penalizing crack possession 50 times more harsher than the penalty for cocaine.

Chemical wise, they are the same drug and give out the same effects. Difference is, crack is commonly smoked than snorted into the nose, which delivers a high blood concentration of the active ingredient.”To punish crack users more harshly than powder users is analogous to punishing those who are caught smoking marijuana more harshly than those caught eating marijuana-laced brownies,” the researchers noted.

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