Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth; also known as DE, is a type of “sedimentary rock that builds the plankton in oceans and ponds. It is formed from fossilized remains that are known as diatoms.”  Upon further inspection, DE contains tiny shards which are silica.


Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth can be used as a pesticide, where you can sprinkle it around areas in your home or yard to keep ants, fleas and other insects away.  You can rub a small amount on your pet’s fur to get rid of fleas.  It can also be taken internally (humans and house pets) to get rid of parasites (worms) in the body, help to detoxify the body, lose weight, re-grow hair & nails, improve the look/feel of skin, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, joint health and more.

There are two types of Diatomaceous Earth; food grade and commercial grade.  The commercial grade is specifically used to clean pools and for other industrial type jobs.  The commercial grade of DE is NEVER to be taken internally or for human/animal use.  The food grade of DE is the one that is safe for human/animal consumption.  Make sure to ONLY buy the food grade diatomaceous earth.  Also be careful to not breathe in the dust from DE as it can be harmful to the lungs in the dry form, so just turn your head away if you are applying it to your animal’s fur coat.

I personally take 1 heaping teaspoon of DE stirred into a large glass of room temperature water every night.  It has helped to re-grow my hair, stop my hair from falling out, and my nails are growing like crazy.  Two years ago, I was taking DE and also giving it to my cats to get rid of parasites in all three of us.  You can safely take DE for 90 days straight for parasitic infections in animals/humans.

If one person/animal in the household has parasites, then everyone will need to do the DE at the same time so as not to re-infect one another.  My favorite brand of DE is Dr. Goodpet and the jar lasts a very long time. You can purchase DE at health food stores or online.


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