10 Minor Causes of Belly Button Pain You Should Know

Do you feel pain around your belly button? Why does your belly button hurt?The pain may be something that you have been feeling for quite some time already or it might be something that you are experiencing for the first time. Pain that is felt around the belly button can feel a bit disconcerting and uncomfortable. Instead of the pain being intense, it is the type of pain that sort of feels dull. It does not hinder you from doing certain things but the pain is definitely there.

Usually, the main reason why it can be uncomfortable and hard to ignore is because unlike other types of pain, it does not go away when you lie down or even when you go to sleep at night. There is a chance that in the morning, you will still feel the pain. The pain may also be there when you wear tight clothing around your abdominal area and the pain can be felt.

If you would decide to ignore it, you will never know the possible causes of feeling pain. You have to know the possible reason why you are experiencing pain in your belly button and if there are certain things that you can do in order to make the problem go away.

You have to understand the type of pain that you are feeling in your belly button. Is the type of pain you are feeling consistent or it does not go away? You also have to take notice if the pain is dull or if it comes sharply. Is the type of pain you are feeling reoccurring?


Here are some of the minor possible causes of belly button pain:

  1. From Surgery – If you have just undergone surgery recently, especially abdominal surgery then it is only normal for you to feel a type of belly button pain. Do remember that you may also experience certain symptoms aside from the pain from your belly button.
  2. Pregnancy – It is only normal for pregnant women to experience belly button pain but then, there is a type of pain that can only be considered normal for pregnant women but there is also a type of belly button pain that may signify that the baby is having trouble in the womb. If the type of pain felt is bearable then this might be the body’s way of adjusting to the pregnancy but if you are feeling extreme pain, you may have to contact your doctor immediately.
  3. Hernia – If you are not too familiar with Hernia, this is actually a condition wherein there is a torn tissue in the abdominal area. You will know if you have hernia if you are feeling pain whenever you do certain movements like bending over. You may also experience a wide array of other symptoms in the process. One of the most well known treatments for hernia includes surgery to repair the torn tissue in the abdominal area.
  4. Cystisis – While it is already normal for some people to experience bouts of Urinary Tract Infection from time to time, there are also some who tend to have one type of UTI known as Cystisis. Unlike other types of UTI, this spreads to other parts of the body as it worsens. The intake of antibiotics may be crucial in making sure that this type of UTI will be cured. One of its symptoms is a dull ache felt near the belly button.
  5. Bacterial Infections – There are some people who sometimes experience pain in the abdomen because of bacteria that may be in the gut area. The presence of bacteria can lead to the abdomen feeling a bit tender which explains the pain. There may be other symptoms that may be felt along with the pain. Antibiotics may be prescribed by the doctor to make the pain go away.


These minor causes of flu may be solved by taking proper medications, resting and being healthier in general but there are also some causes of pain around the belly button that are more serious than the ones mentioned above.

  • Ulcer – For those who experience ulcer, there is a big chance that pain in the belly button area is inevitable. Ulcer is caused by the eroded stomach lining brought about by too much stomach acid. When the stomach lining becomes eroded, this can lead to having internal bleeding. Usually, those who are experiencing ulcer notice that whenever they eat certain food products, the pain that they feel becomes aggravated.
  • Gallstones – The thing about gallstones is they usually go by undetected until such time when it will cause severe pain around the belly button area. While the pain usually starts from the upper abdominal area, the pain may go down towards the lower abdominal area. This can also come with a variety of other symptoms. Usually the symptoms will go away suddenly and will just reappear again sometimes not so frequently.
  • Pancreatic Problems – The pancreas is in charge of making sure that the amount of sugar that we have in our bodies is just enough to keep us energized. Those who are experiencing pancreatic problems usually showcase symptoms that can be similar to having diabetes. There are other symptoms that might be experienced together with pancreatic problems such as feelings of nausea and bouts of headaches.
  • Disorder of the Small Intestine – The small intestine can be found beneath the abdominal area which explains why whenever there are problems of the small intestine, it will be felt immediately. The disorder may progress into infection and this can cause feelings of pain.
  • Appendicitis – There was a time when the appendix was thought to be something that is not needed by the body but the fact that it is there makes it a vital part of how the human body works. Sometimes the appendix becomes inflamed and this can cause appendicitis. The pain felt in appendicitis may be similar to regular stomach ache although this is far more serious. The pain will become worse with every movement and if not given special attention, there is a chance that the appendix will burst and can be fatal.

The above mentioned diseases are serious causes of experiencing pain in your belly button. Do remember that aside from lifestyle changes that would be prescribed by your doctor, there are some situations wherein only surgery is the main treatment that will be recommended to correct the condition. It will always depend on the severity of the current condition.


One of the greatest mistakes that people make right now is assuming that the pain that they are feeling around their belly button will go away over time. There may be cases when this is true but there are also times when the pain can already be considered serious.

The time when you should see your doctor is if you are already feeling the pain for more than 3 days or when the pain has worsened over time. You also have to take note of all the other symptoms that you may be feeling together with the pain. Do not disregard these symptoms because for some of these health conditions, you need the help of your doctor.