This Simple Bag Trick Will Keep Your Lemons Fresh for a Whole MONTH

Lemons are a commonly used citrus fruit that provides us with numerous health benefits. Aside from giving you a huge boost of vitamin C, lemons are used to treat illnesses such as the common cold, the flu and even aids in the prevention of kidney stones. It also improves the function of the blood vessels and reduces fluid retention.

Most of us like to keep our lemons in a bowl on the table in our kitchen, or in the living room because they can add a lot to a room aesthetically. However, this may not the best way to preserve your lemons. Read below to find the best way to keep lemons fresh.

Some people prefer keeping tomatoes, onions and even potatoes in their fridge, even though it is not the best way to keep any of these foods. On the other hand, lemons are rarely kept in the fridge, which is absolutely wrong.

Lemons tend to expire after seven days at room temperature. This causes lemons lose a lot of their nutritional value and their taste. But, there is a solution for this and and it is very simple.

To keep lemons fresh for longer (properties such as their taste, juiciness, tenderness), it is best to keep them in the fridgein a sealed plastic bag or zip bags.

Keeping lemons in the fridge will slow their respiratory process without completely stopping it, meaning that the plant’s aging process slows down but doesn’t completely stop. Restricting a lemon’s respiratory process completely would have the opposite effect and end up causing it to age much quicker, so don’t try to freeze them. Keeping them in the fridge is a perfect balance between oxygen exposure and cold temperature. Keeping lemons refrigerated can help them stay good forup to four weeks.

Putting lemons in the fridge won’t affect any of their healthy or nutritional properties, in fact, it will preserve them! Keeping them in an airtight plastic bag is also essential. So, unless you use your lemons within 5 days, keep them in this way.



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