Are Essential Oils the New Antibiotics?

There’s a crisis that is gradually creeping up on all of us. Most people don’t want to acknowledge it because the consequences can almost be too horrifying to consider.

To put it mildly, this crisis has the potential to send our health care back to the middle ages where minor infections became life-threatening because there were no clear treatments on how to get rid of them.

The reason infections will be so deadly again is because antibiotics might be completely useless in the future.

How are we gradually getting to this potentially catastrophic point?

Overuse of antibiotics, both by ourselves and the massive beef, poultry, and porcine businesses, is slowly bring us to the brink.

How Antibiotic Overuse Affects You

Let’s begin with what’s within your control: how you use antibiotics. Many of us were raised seeing antibiotics as the ultimate solution for any infections or illnesses that we may have had.

Sure, your stomach would be a little upset but ultimately the infection would disappear and you could go on with your life; no harm done, right?


The reality is that using antibiotics for minor infections leads to two serious consequences. Your own immune system will begin to feel the strain because antibiotics are completely indiscriminate when it comes to eliminating bacteria.

This means that antibiotics will destroy the “good” bacteria allocated in your gut that actually help develop your immune system and improve your body’s efficiency at removing toxic metals.

This is why I recommend using antibiotics only when your family doctor deems it necessary to treat a serious infection.

Unfortunately, our personal decisions are not the only factor in this escalating problem. We also need to realize that the behemoths of the food industry are rapidly complicating the issue.

How Big Business Is Making Bacteria Stronger

As of today, the beef industry alone represents 70% of all antibiotic use in the United States. Let that sink in….

This fact, when added to the rampant use of pesticide-poisoned food to feed the cattle and the inhumane of growth hormones pumped into these creatures; make these companies on of the biggest dangers to our healthcare system.

The PR departments from these companies will argue that these ethically questionable and dangerous business practices are all done for our sake. The reality is that all this is done in the name of maximizing profit at our expense.

What Can You Do?

Besides making sure your money speaks for your convictions by purchasing certified organic and natural meat products you can also begin by finding and using natural alternatives to antibiotics.

As always, if you see that your infection is still resisting treatment, make sure to visit your doctor.

This is where essential oils come in.

Yes, they’re so much more than fancy scents or massage oils. Did you know they can be used as:

– The key ingredient for most natural cleaners.

– Alternative to highly toxic cosmetics.

– Natural pest controls.

Why Essential Oils Rule

The best thing is that a 2011 study found that essential oil combinations of oregano, cinnamon, and chili peppers actually make most poultry resistant to infections, and healthier compared to poultry receiving the regular toxic batch.

Thyme oil is a clear example of how potent essential oils can be against bacteria.

Essential oils are invaluable part of your home’s natural first aid kit and may be able to offer long-term protection against infections without compromising our health care system.

You can also try making this amazing homemade antibiotic.

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By Michelle Toole via Healthy Holistic Living


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