9 Reasons To Keep Coconut Oil In Your Bathroom

Coconut oil has a wide range of every day uses. You can add it to your meals or your homemade beauty products. We have listed 9 beneficial uses of coconut oil in the bathroom:

We have written a lot about the use of coconut oil in the kitchen, and it is time to write some more about its use outside the kitchen. After reading this article, you will sure keep a jar of coconut oil in your bathroom.

Coconut oil is a wonderful skin moisturizer  as well as an important ingredient in many hair treatments. Below is a list of 9 uses of coconut oil in the bathroom.

1. Oil Pulling

Have you ever tried swishing coconut oil? Oil pulling is a traditional method that helps you eliminate the bacteria in your oral cavity. It is a great method, and you can do it in the morning. Swish a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth for at least 10 minutes. Swish up to 20 minutes if you can.

2. Carrier Oil

Every time you are stressed, combine a tablespoon of coconut oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Panaway works great for sore muscles, Peace and Calming will relax you, lemon or peppermint will boost your energy, and lavender will provide a better sleep.

3. Shave Your Legs

Yes, coconut oil is girl’s best friend when it comes to removing your leg hair. For baby soft legs, rub some coconut oil on your legs before you shave them.

4. Hair Treatment

Coconut oil reduces protein loss when used in pre- or post- treatments. Add half a tablespoon of coconut oil to the roots and spread it to the ends. Leave it on for an hour before you rinse it.

5. Skin Moisturizer

You can use whipped coconut oil body butter almost every day! It reduces scaring, stretch marks, and also prevents sagging skin. Yes, it is your all-natural “miracle” cream!

6. Rash and Burn Cream

Coconut oil can help you soothe rashes and burns. It works great in treating diaper rashes. Just a tiny bit of it is enough to reduce and eliminate diaper rashes.

7. Eye Makeup Remover

This is another amazing reason to keep some coconut oil in your bathroom. You can use it to remove your makeup! Wash your face well, and use coconut oil to remove any eye makeup remains.

8.Cuticle Treatment

Coconut oil does miracles for your nails. Rub some coconut oil on your finger and toe nails and massage gently. Do it as often as you would like to keep rugged cuticles tame. Its strong anti-fungal properties will help you keep your toes safe from any fungal infections.

9 Frizz Tamer

It is the perfect go-to when you need to tame your “wild” hair. Make sure you use a small amount, because too much of coconut oil will make your hair look oily.

Do you have some coconut oil in your bathroom? Share your favorite use and your opinion in the comment box below!

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Do you use coconut oil in your bathroom? What is your favorite use? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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