6 Things That Cause Fluid Retention in Your Body and How to Avoid Them


Fluid retention is the accumulation of water in the tissues which is a result of imbalance in the liquid levels in the body. Our body is a complex system of hormones that constantly tweak the levels of liquids in order to keep them stable. This is why drinking more than the recommended amount of water doesn’t cause any problems – the excess is eliminated by the kidneys in the form of urine or sweat. In order to prevent fluid retention, you should avoid doing the following 6 things that are probably causing it:

Consuming too much sodium

Sodium is present in almost any food we eat, but by consuming too much of it and not drinking enough water it may result in fluid retention.

Processed foods

Processed foods contain a lot of sugar and sodium, two substances that are considered as the main causes of edema.


Not drinking plenty of water during the day will result in dehydration. Dehydration will make the body retain water in order to survive which can lead to swelling in the tissues.

Vitamin B6 deficiency

Lack of vitamin B6 in the body may cause fluid retention, so make sure to optimize its levels. The best sources of vitamin B6 are tuna, sunflower seeds, potatoes, pistachios, bananas or chicken.

Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for our health. It plays a part in many functions, which is why we should take at least 200 mg. a day. Taking the optimal amount of magnesium will also prevent fluid retention. Magnesium can be found in foods such as nuts, dried fruits, avocado, whole grains and spinach.

Potassium deficiency

Lack of potassium in the body may lead to improper functioning organs and fluid imbalance and retention as the mineral regulates the water balance in the body.



Exercising is key against fluid retention in the body. It will activate the circulation in your legs by compressing the muscles in the veins and allowing excess fluid to be eliminate through urine and sweat.

Elevating the legs when resting can also help. This will reduce the swelling in the ankles – put your ankles above the knees at a sharp angle to accelerate the movement of fluids.

In order to prevent fluid retention in the body, you should also consume more fruit and vegetables. They contain flavonoids which will be of great help in removing excess fluids from the body.

Avoid wearing tight clothing as it can impair your circulation and decrease your salt intake as well. Try not to shower with hot water in order to prevent dehydration and allow the body to prevent accumulation of fluids.

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